Dead By Daylight March Developer Update Reveals Changes Coming to the Game

Dead By Daylight‘s Developer Update for March 2023 details incoming huge changes to the game. As Behaviour Interactive previously detailed the road map for Dead by Daylight leading up to April 2023, the team seems to be looking to its eighth year of existence with a lot more shifts and balances in mind. Admittedly, the game has come far from when it was first released. However, with its continued existence, and no sign of a sequel in the near future, the developers look to shake things up a bit to keep gameplay fresh.


While Behaviour Interactive works hard regularly to provide quality-of-life updates and game-balancing patches to Dead by Daylight, the game constantly needs to adjust and refresh due to the constant introduction of new killer and survivor perks. Some killers and their play styles offer a unique advantage on certain maps. At the same time, some survivors also have a huge upside when facing a particular killer at a specific location. As such, the upcoming slated changes to the game may be of interest to players.

As detailed in the March 2023 Developer Update, Dead By Daylight will be introducing several key changes which will impact gameplay. Starting with quality-of-life items, the player can now enable automatic spending of Bloodpoints to lessen the time spent on that screen. There are options to fully automate or to select a farther node and the AI will select which items to purchase. There is also an option to use a button press instead of holding when purchasing nodes. In addition, accessibility options for the hearing-impaired are planned in the future. This is a useful addition to those who may prefer visual indicators. Click here to see the full patch notes.


With many maps in Dead by Daylight, players may have their own favorites. However, one location that highly needs a shake-up is Autohaven Wreckers. The developers have mentioned several issues that plague the long-standing map. This change will create a fresh experience for those who’ve grown tired of the unbalanced generated layouts it sometimes creates. Another major update will be for the healing mechanic, as Behaviour has found that it provides an unfair edge over killers. Healing times will be adjusted in the future.

Lastly, some killer-related mechanics will be adjusted for balance purposes. While most on the list seem regulatory, the biggest possible nerf would have to be the removal of bright light interactions. As planned, players will no longer be able to burn The Wraith or The Nurse in the future. The Artist’s crows and The Hag’s traps may no longer be removed with a flashlight. This seems like an unnecessary removal of a fun gameplay nuance, but since the developers believe it creates unfair matchups, it may be a good move to remove the handicap for the said characters.

While these are just some of the bigger adjustments, smaller, regular shifts like perk rebalancing will continue to happen. Dead by Daylight has a huge number of perks that each patch really tries its best to iron out any exploits or advantages. Hopefully, Behaviour Interactive releases their next road map to when these updates will go live so that players may plan ahead.

Dead by Daylight is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

Source: Behaviour Interactive

Source: Gamerant

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