DC Could Be Planning A Batwheels Video Game

DC Entertainment creates a sentient Batmobile in Batwheels, and evidence suggests this twist on Batman might become a new game.

One of DC Entertainments’s newest cartoon series, Batwheels, is set to delight young audiences this year with its novel take on the Batman universe. But according to public trademark records, a variety of content and merchandise could already be on the way for the fledgling cartoon, including the possibility of a Batwheels video game.

Batwheels is a co-production with DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Entertainment, and is aimed at the preschool audience. The Batmobile-inspired project was announced in 2020, and focuses on a team of sentient, super powered vehicles assembled by Batcomputer, who must learn to work together as a team. They’ll also be helping their human superhero counterparts, with Batman, Robin, and Batgirl all set to make appearances. The show features a young cast including Madigan Kacmar and Jordan Reed, who have both worked on BBC’s preschool series Chuggington, and Jacob Bertrand as the Batmobile. There are also some big names to this project; Ethan Hawke will be playing Batman, while voice acting veteran Kimberly Brooks will be playing Batcomputer.


Hints that Warner Bros. Entertainment is looking at creating Batwheels games can be found in a recent EUIOP Trademark document, filed on the 12th of January this year. The company is associating the trademark with toys, clothes, printed materials, and films. However, it also claims games and online video games for the trademark, with mention of educational entertainment. It would make sense that Warner Bros. would seek to create educational games using the Batwheels brand, given the young age of its intended audience. Of course, with vehicles at the heart of this cartoon, Batwheels lends itself perfectly to racing and stunt-based gameplay, which could appeal to a far wider audience.


Warner Bros. already produces and distributes a variety of superhero games aimed at younger audiences, and Batwheels wouldn’t look amiss in its catalog. Examples of this include the augmented reality game DC Batman: Bat-Tech Edition, and the battling game Teeny Titans – Teen Titans Go!. Warner Bros. has a history of publishing these types of games onto mobile platforms first, the latter doing fairly well on the iOS and Android app stores. It’s a safe assumption that some future Batwheels game would find its way onto mobile, at least initially.

To date, Warner Bros. has not confirmed its plans to add video games to the Batwheels brand, but it’s still early days. The first episode of Batwheels is due out this year, and the performance of the first series could decide Batwheels’ long-term fate. However, it’s hard to imagine that this new cartoon—a Pixar’s Cars meets Batman affair—isn’t going to capture some young imaginations. For older audiences, fans could be seeing a racing game, based on a sentient Batmobile, in their gaming future.

Batwheels is premiering on Cartoonito and HBO Max in 2022.

Source: Gamerant

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