Cyberpunk 2077 Fan Shares Screenshot Showing How Good the Game Looks on Max Settings

A Cyberpunk 2077 shares a screenshot of Night City, showing off how good the controversial 2020 game can look when turned up to max settings.

A Cyberpunk 2077 fan has shared a screenshot that shows what the game looks like at max settings. The image is a screenshot of Night City after dark, showing off its gorgeous neon color signs. Despite the many controversies surrounding Cyberpunk 2077, screenshots like this show how good-looking the game can be.

The development of the 2020 CD Projekt Red game was an incredibly long one full of controversy and numerous delays. The first teaser trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 was originally released ten years ago before development fired up a few years later. Unfortunately, the game was released in an incredibly buggy, nearly unplayable state on the consoles, with the PlayStation 4 version holding a 54 Metacritic rating and the Xbox One version at 61. The earliest reviews for the game, however, were for the PC, where the game performed significantly better.


In the past, fans have shown off their own captured images in the game. One such set of Cyberpunk 2077 images showed Glen’s apartment in the middle of a sandstorm. In a more recent post, Reddit user xiosy shared a look at Night City commenting on how stunning the game sometimes looks. The screenshot shows numerous neon light signs that illuminate the city nearly to the point of over-saturation. A car can be seen in the foreground where its driver is presumably taking the entire view in.

Since the game’s initial release, CD Projekt Red has been hard at work updating and patching its latest release. The 1.61 patch for the game was released in November 2022 not long after the Phantom Liberty DLC was announced, and additional work on the game will likely wind down as the company prioritizes other projects. User reviews for the game have since tilted in a more positive direction though whether the game did any long-term damage to the company remains to be seen.

Following the release of the Netflix series, The Witcher, CD Projekt Red saw a massive boost in its game sales and saw the stocks reach new heights, topping at around $31 a share in late 2020. Following Cyberpunk 2077’s release, however, CD Projekt Red’s stock would eventually fall over 75%. Despite all of these updates and DLC announcements, the company stock still only trades at around $7. However, screenshots like this show that the game still has a dedicated set of fans who are behind the game, and the company has shown that it is determined to stick with it for some time to come. Whether it will fully bounce back, however, remains to be seen.

Cyberpunk 2077 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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