Cut Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Mission Not Meant For The Public Has Been Discovered

These days, GTA 5 and GTA: Online are typically what springs to mind when talking about Rockstar’s immensely successful IP. However, for slightly older gamers, the likes of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City constitutes the early days of the series, which helped take it into the direction that fans enjoy today. Considered one of the best open world games of the PS2 era, the 2002 release is an absolute classic, and recently, something has been unearthed which the studio behind last year’s remasters accidentally left in for the public to find.


Spotted by PCGamesN, YouTuber Vadim M has uploaded a video which showcases a hidden mission for Vice City called “Movie Demo”, which never made it into the final build of the game. There seems to be a lot of mystery around what this mission was about, as there are many aspects that aren’t there. However, looking at the game’s code, and piecing together some of the cut scenes, it seems as though this was something that was unintentionally left behind in Grove Street Games’ Definitive Edition, yet comes from the original game’s source code. In other words, it’s unlikely that the public was ever meant to see this.

In the video, Tommy Vercetti, voiced by the sadly departed Ray Liotta, can be seen exiting a police station, where he then enters a waiting car. A cut to a wider shot shows that he is being trailed by another car that’s been watching his move. Eventually, the scene moves to the nightclub, where a shootout takes place, followed by a police car chase. The “mission” then ends with the car crashing and exploding, which seemingly kills both Tommy and the driver. Given what’s there, it’s been suggested that this side quest was actually part of a movie shoot, which is something that was alluded to in the main game, but for some reason was removed during the original development cycle.

Given the disastrous launch that was GTA – Definitive Edition, it might not be too surprising to some that the developer didn’t spot what was likely to have been internal content only, and made sure that it was removed before the remasters were published. The YouTube host even makes a few snarky comments aimed at Grove Street Games.

While GTA 5 is easily the most successful Grand Theft Auto game, Vice City will always have its followers. While it wasn’t the first game in the franchise to take things to open world scenarios, it helped to maintain what Rockstar was trying to do with the series in the earlier days. It might be a shame that this mission was cut, but cut content is par for the course for games of this magnitude. Maybe someone will mod it and make it a full side quest one day.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City originally released in 2002 for PS2.

Source: PCGamesN

Source: Gamerant

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