Cult of the Lamb Devs Reveal How Long It Takes to Beat the Game

A video posted by Devolver Digital details how long gamers should set aside to fully complete Cult of the Lamb ahead of the game’s release.

Devolver Digital is gearing up to publish its latest indie title, Cult of the Lamb. The roguelite is gaining a lot of attention as the cute but violent cartoon-inspired game edges ever closer to the August 11 release date.

Cult of the Lamb has been developed by Massive Monster and aims to combine an action and adventure game with a building simulator. Players take on the role of the Lamb, a cute and cuddly creature that was saved from sacrifice by The One Who Waits. To repay the mysterious savior, players are tasked with building a cult in his name and exploring various lands to recruit other animals to join in the fun. As the release date draws ever closer, there remain unanswered questions for those who are unsure about buying the adorable but somewhat bloody title.


Thankfully, in a new video posted on the Devolver Digital YouTube channel, the team has revealed vital information surrounding Cult of the Lamb. Primarily, the game will take around 15-20 hours to fully complete as well as features four difficulty modes — easy, medium, hard, and extra hard — so players have the chance to extend their play time as they try to build their cult in the hardest way possible.

Elsewhere in the video, Devolver has confirmed that on top of Cult of the Lamb’s split gameplay mechanic, the title will also offer a range of accessibility options and remappable controls for both controller and mouse and keyboard setups. The accessibility options will no doubt be good news for players who are excited to dive in and experience adventuring through procedurally generated levels and managing the newly built woodland town.

The striking art style combined with roguelite exploration and base-building elements means the title looks set to stand out from an increasingly competitive indie scene. Many gamers are certainly looking forward to spending time with the One Who Remains, and a number of Cult of the Lamb reviews have already been released for those looking to delve deeper into the title’s ins and outs before the game is unleashed.

As Cult of the Lamb nears release, Devolver Digital will now turn their heads to publishing their next game. Return to Monkey Island releases in 2022. The point-and-click adventure is being developed by series creator Ron Gilbert in collaboration with LucasFilm Games and serves as a continuation of the series that began 30 years ago. Also returning is Dominic Armato, who will once again voice the main protagonist Guybrush Threepwood and will initially release as a timed exclusive on Nintendo Switch.

Cult of the Lamb is scheduled to release on August 11 across PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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