Creative Pokemon Fan Turns Dragonite Into a Grass-Type


  • A Pokemon fan artist created a Grass-type variant of Dragonite called Dragonoon the Forest Guardian, receiving compliments for their artwork.
  • Dragonoon has a whimsical appearance with long green fur, cream-colored underbelly, and stag antler-like antennae.
  • The new variant has Grass and Dragon dual-typing, along with the ability Serene Grace, boosting the chance of added attack effects.

A Pokemon fan artist created an impressive new variant of Dragonite that turned the Dragon Pokemon into a Grass-type with a new appearance and name. The Pokemon fan artist then posted their finished work on social media and received compliments from their peers for their continued work on making new Grass-type Pokemon come to life.

Known simply as the Dragon Pokemon, Dragonite first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue as the final form of the Dratini line. As the first Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon in the series, Dragonite has long been considered one of the top Dragon Pokemon to use in competitive battles. With a versatile move pool and high physical attack power, Dragonite can use moves such as Dragon Rush, Stone Edge, and Earthquake to lay the pain on its foes. Plus, its Hidden Ability Multiscale can grant the Dragon Pokemon an edge in certain encounters. Because of its versatility in battle, Dragonite has developed a reputation with Pokemon fans, which in turn spawned various fan art creations over the years.

A Redditor and Pokemon fan named JJonnie, known for their previous work of Grass-type Regi Pokemon, turned Dragonite into a new Grass and Dragon dual-type Pokemon and shared their work on the main Pokemon subreddit. This new version of Dragonite was dubbed Dragonoon the Forest Guardian by the artist. Compared to Dragonite, Dragonoon has long tufts of green fur in place of scales, a cream-colored underbelly, and a ringed tail with light green and dark green fur. Dragonoon’s hands have pink paw pads, its wings are made of white and pink feathers, and its antennae have been changed to stag antlers. In its Shiny coloration, Dragonoon looks similar to Dragonite, with a tan body and green wings.

Though its Grass and Dragon dual-typing would allow it to stand up to most attacks, Dragonoon was also given the ability Serene Grace. While normally a feature of Mythical Pokemon such as Jirachi, Serene Grace boosts the chance that the added effects of an attack would occur, such as Flamethrower’s burn chance or Ancient Power’s stat increase. In the comments on the post, JJonnie was complimented by other Pokemon fans for their work, who praised the fuzzy and whimsical appearance of Dragonoon. Though Dragonite has not received any regional variant to date, that has not stopped fan artists such as JJonnie from creating their own Pokemon to fill the gap.

Between the impending release of The Indigo Disk DLC and the Hisuian Typhlosion Tera raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon fan art contributions have continued to surge on social media. Only time will tell what Pokemon fan artists will share with the world soon.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are the upcoming main series Pokemon games. These two versions will be the arrival of Generation IX.



November 18, 2022

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