Creative Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fan Makes KK Slider Version of Bo Burnham Song

Since the first title in the video game series, Animal Crossing has provided its players with special villagers that often hold a special place in the fans’ hearts. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, crowd-favorite special villagers like Tom Nook, Isabelle, iconic musician K.K. Slider, and most recently, The Roost resident barista Brewster, all make returning appearances. Now, an Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan was inspired by one of American musician Bo Burnham’s viral songs, and they recreated the artist’s music video with K.K. Slider at the front and center.


Despite Animal Crossing: New Horizons not having any major updates in the foreseeable future, its community members seem more than happy with creating their own content to share with each other. This can be seen in the abundance of fan art, videos, and merchandise that flood community forums on a regular basis. With the sheer amount of customization options and activities that players have access to in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, recreating music videos inspired by real-life musicians is definitely not uncommon.

Inspired by Bo Burnham’s song titled “Welcome to the Internet,” Redditor Waddoop shared the music video they created featuring Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ K.K. Slider. In the Redditor’s video, they even recreated the American comedian’s simple set-up, which consists of a dimly-lit room that is flanked by musical instruments on both sides. They even placed K.K. Slider in the center of the room, completing the same effect as the original music video by having the spotlight on the character, and the green disco lights moving around. However, what is most amazing about Waddoop’s work is that they were able to match the song’s lyrics syllable per syllable in the iconic Animal Crossing series language.

The footage Waddoop shared on Reddit is only the shortened version of the whole video they created, which can be found on YouTube. Many replies on the Reddit thread seemed to enjoy Waddoop’s work, and some even wanted to have the track playing on their Animal Crossing: New Horizons island. This idea seems to be quite interesting, given that players can actually use in-game K.K. Slider music on their island. However, ACNH does not allow uploading outside soundtracks in the game, and given that the Redditor’s work is based on a real-life artist’s music, there may be copyright issues involved.

Waddoop has also recreated another Bo Burnham-inspired track using K.K. Slider from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Hopefully the game’s community will encourage the artist, so they can continue the work that they have already started.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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