Clip Shows Just How Insane Fortnite Has Become

It was an incredible year for Fortnite. Not only did the year end with what must have been Fortnite‘s biggest in-game event yet, Chapter 2’s conclusion, but all of 2021 feature huge events, crossovers, skin releases, and more. In fact, a Fortnite player who slept through all of 2021 may wake up to find Fortnite 2022 nearly unrecognizable. A new TikTok video that’s gone viral captures this idea perfectly, showcasing Fortnite at its most absurd and fun.

The video in question was shared by TikTok user and already has over 183 thousand likes. Funnily enough, it’s just their fourth video upload to TikTok, all of which carry the similar theme of Fortnite being completely ridiculous. Text in the video captures exactly what it’s about. It reads, “Naruto uses spider-man webs to kill the demogorgon then does the Renegade.” If that sounds like it could either be gibberish or a line from Ready Player One, then that’s the right idea about what Fortnite‘s become.


Everything in the description is accurate. Fortnite features skins both from the popular manga and anime Naruto and for Stranger Things‘ monstrous Demogorgon villain. It also has a current gameplay gimmick that allows players to swing around the map using Spider-Man‘s web-slinger. And lastly, Fortnite also features the Renegade dance as a microtransaction, too, the Renegade being a dance popularized on TikTok. Fortnite is home to all of these things and more.

What’s especially crazy about this short Fortnite video going viral is that this scenario isn’t odd or rare. It’s just two players using normal skins and emotes that are regularly available as part of Fortnite. The Spider-Man web-slinging is new and wild, admittedly, but it isn’t used in a particularly odd or impressive way. The video went viral seemingly solely due to Fortnite being Fortnite, and people enjoying it.

If asked to create a truly absurd situation, Fortnite players could likely put together something much more complex and insane. There are dozens of crossover skins from across multiple franchises, across movies, TV, cartoons, music, and video games, with all of it being officially approved by Fortnite‘s partners. It’s unlike anything else in video games.

Odds are, this is only the start for Fortnite, too. The popularity of the Spider-Man web-swinging is certain to be seen as a challenge to Epic Games. Before long, Fortnite will probably have Metroid Morph Balling, Harry Potter magic wands, Superman laser eyes, and more. Fortnite‘s absurdity demands constant escalation, after all. It’s what players want.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and mobile devices.

Source: Gamerant

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