Clever Hogwarts Legacy Player Weaponizes Merlin Trial

A clever Hogwarts Legacy player has figured out an interesting way to weaponize Merlin Trials to their own advantage. Hogwarts Legacy is filled with small details that make the game feel alive, and this player having the freedom to do this is a great example of that.

Merlin Trials are one of the more controversial features in Hogwarts Legacy. Many gamers see them as bloat, added into the game as a way to meet a content quota. But as this video shows, there is enough nuance in Hogwarts Legacy‘s gameplay for players to change it up and make them a little bit more interesting. The Merlin Trials aren’t beyond saving – it’s possible that they get some more attention in future DLC packs for the game which makes them more interesting to complete. Meanwhile, players will have to use makeshift solutions like the one seen in this video to add to their own fun.


The Redditor GebaltThotPwner posted the clip of them using the stone balls from a Merlin Trial to attack enemies. It proves remarkably effective, and is definitely a unique way to finish off the combat. Hogwarts Legacy‘s combat was a positive surprise for players on release, with a surprising amount of cool tricks and details to make it easy to learn but challenging to master. As the game gets older, players will only become more familiar with the combat mechanics in Hogwarts Legacy, and that will likely result in lots more incredible tricks like this being found by players.

Many players in the thread were shocked to discover the stone balls could actually be lifted. One player was embarrassed that they’d spent time in the Merlin Trial pushing the balls manually, instead of simply lifting them with a spell. Although Hogwarts Legacy isn’t the most difficult game out there, it definitely shows that the tutorial systems leave something to be desired if so many players are consistently facing the same issue, even if it’s not a massive problem.

While Hogwarts Legacy‘s initial sales were incredible, developer Avalanche Software needs to act fast to capitalize on the moment. Hogwarts Legacy‘s player count has already dropped dramatically from the peak of its release, as most interested in the game have already managed to complete it. The developer is yet to announce any DLC for the game, and it would definitely be welcomed by the player base, which just wants more of the Wizarding World to explore. It remains to be seen if the Avalanche Software changes course, and brings gamers back to Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, with PS4 and Xbox One versions launching May 5 and a Switch port releasing July 25.

Source: Gamerant

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