Classic Shoot ‘Em Up Finally Gets Steam Release Date


  • Radiant Silvergun, a classic arcade shoot ’em up game, releases on Steam on November 3, 2023, giving fans a chance to enjoy this highly regarded title.
  • The game, originally released on the Sega Saturn, is considered one of the best 2D shoot ’em up games of all time and helped revive the genre’s popularity in the West.
  • The PC port of Radiant Silvergun features a “Classic” gameplay mode that replicates the Sega Saturn/Arcade versions and allows players to customize their experience with old-school settings. Additionally, a new gameplay mode resembling Ikaruga, developed by the same team at Treasure, will also be available from the start.

The classic Treasure-developed arcade shoot ’em up game, Radiant Silvergun, has finally received a release date ahead of its launch on the Steam PC platform, and fans will be able to enjoy the title this November. Radiant Silvergun was originally released in arcades and later ported to the Sega Saturn in 1998. Many fans consider it one of the best games on the Sega Saturn, which has earned it the title of being one of the best 2D shoot ’em up games of all time as well. It’s credited for helping to restore the genre’s popularity in the West after it experienced a steady decline throughout the 90s.

The game was originally a Sega Saturn exclusive game up until 2011, where it was ported to the Xbox 360 marketplace, though would remain as the only other platform it could be played on for another 11 years. It wasn’t until 2022 that Radiant Silvergun got ported to the Nintendo Switch, giving gamers new and old a chance to try out the classic Shmup. Treasure announced earlier this year that Radiant Silvergun would be coming to PC via Steam, though without a solid release date at the time. A recent update indicates that gamers will be able to re-experience Radiant Silvergun very soon.

When Does Radiant Silvergun Release on Steam?

The release date for Radiant Silvergun was announced online, with the title coming to Steam on November 3, 2023. This PC port appears to be based on the Switch version of Radiant Silvergun, as its porting work was done by Live Wire in collaboration with Treasure. Unlike the Switch version, however, it features the ability to choose between a “Classic” and “Modern” gameplay, with the “Classic” version bearing more resemblance to the Sega Saturn/Arcade versions of Radiant Silvergun.

This classic mode, accompanied by other settings, allows the player to customize their experience to their liking and replicate the older presentation. For example, the aspect ratio of the game can be changed to 4:3 to make it resemble an old CRT experience. The gameplay of Radiant Silvergun remains the same, where players are tasked with defeating multiple waves of enemies using a variety of different weapons. Depending on what enemies the player defeats, they can get big bonuses that to earn more bonus points.

This version of the game will also have a gameplay mode that alters the mechanics of Radiant Silvergun to resemble Ikaruga, another influential 2D Shump game. Ikaruga is considered a spiritual sequel to Radiant Silvergun, as it was developed by the same team at Treasure. Unlike the Switch version, this mode will be available from the start.


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