Class of 2022 Graduate Gives Their Cap an Elden Ring Makeover

A graduating student gives their cap an Elden Ring inspired makeover which includes an appropriate boss defeated message from the game written on it.

Elden Ring remains the best-selling game of 2022 so far, and has already left its mark as one of the most iconic games of the year. 2022 is a year with many highly anticipated games still scheduled to come out, but Elden Ring has already cemented itself as a major gaming achievement and will likely be remembered by gaming fans when they later reflect upon the year.

In the years to come, Elden Ring’s cultural influence on 2022 may even be remembered in the real-world items owned by fans of the game. This will include the fan-made replicas of items from Elden Ring, but also from tokens of advancement in a player’s real-life, which happened to coincided with their enjoyment of Elden Ring.


One such player who will have an Elden Ring themed memento from 2022 is Reddit user telwryn, who has shared a picture of their graduation cap which has been decorated in the style of the runes that make up Elden Ring‘s logo and give the game its name. Decorating graduation caps has been a popular tradition among students for many years now, and each cap is usually decorated with some kind of theme in mind. These themes can often be references to a pop-culture moment happening at the time of the graduation, so recent video game releases are a popular choice for gaming graduates.

A graduation cap being decorated in reference to a pop-culture moment from that year is not only a memento from the owner’s education, but also a nostalgic relic representing an different era of gaming. The cap is also adorned with the words “Legend Felled” in the Elden Ring font, which is a phrase that appears on-screen whenever the player beats a legendary boss. This is a sentiment that is very appropriate for the feeling of graduating.

In the comments of the post Elden Ring fans were quick to make jokes comparing the brutal difficulty of Elden Ring to the school experience. One commenter asked if the Reddit user had been leveling their intelligence stat, while another commenter joked that their school experience was closer to a faith/endurance build. However, many other commenters noted that the hardest boss in this Elden Ring/graduation amalgamation would be paying back student loans. Also, this is strangely not the first time a player has linked Elden Ring with graduation.

Elden Ring is From Software’s largest and best-selling game to date, and so will likely stand the test of time just like its predecessor Dark Souls has. The influence of these games can be clearly seen in many modern AAA and indie games. This means that telwryn’s graduation cap won’t become a horribly dated reference in the years to come, but a nice pop-culture relic for the gaming landscape in 2022.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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