Cities: Skylines 2 Has a Good Reason For Its Lack of Multiplayer

Cities: Skylines 2 is, according to the developer, not going to have any sort of multiplayer functionality at launch. While this may sound limiting at a glance, the devs have already provided comprehensive reasoning as to why this is the case, alongside a number of other notable responses to various questions from the community.

Following the initial announcement of Cities: Skylines 2 at this year’s Paradox Announcement Show, fans of the original title have gotten excited at the prospect of finally getting a full-fledged sequel to the legendary sim. Now, just a few short weeks after that event, the developer Colossal Order seems to be ready to reveal more information about the hotly anticipated title.


According to Colossal Order’s recent Twitter post, Cities: Skylines 2 won’t have multiplayer support of any sort upon launch. One of the studio’s fans asked whether there was any scope for Colossal Order to work on multiplayer for the new title, but the devs have responded by saying that developing such a feature would take an “incredible” amount of time and resources and, as a result, take away from the core of the game, which is currently the absolute priority. Yet, it may be worth pointing out that the response doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be multiplayer functionality added later on, as the studio may wish to experiment with something of the type later on.

Colossal Order also used this opportunity to highlight a few other questions from its community members, outlining just how promising Cities: Skylines 2 really is. The game has, for example, been in active development for years at this point, and the studio has been eagerly waiting to finally reveal its existence. It is based on Unity once more, and though it will support modding, the content that’s been produced for the original Cities: Skylines would need to be reworked for the sequel, meaning it’s incompatible by default.

When discussing multiplayer progression in city-building games, it’s always worth remembering the issues that SimCity 2013 had, which eventually led to its downfall. This city-building title specifically focused on persistent, always-online progression, and it does make perfect sense that Colossal Order would want to steer clear of such approaches to the genre, even after such a long time had passed.

Yet, Cities: Skylines 2 could refurbish SimCity 2013’s best parts, should Colossal Order choose to do so. It’s all but confirmed that the new city-builder will have as long of a post-launch content tail as its predecessor has had, giving the developer a heck of a project to work on. For the time being, though, it’s still a bit early to see how such an ambitious approach might pan out.

Cities Skylines 2 is currently in development.

Source: Gamerant

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