The DJI Mini 4 Pro is the first mini with binocular vision in every direction

Now that Skydio has exited the consumer drone business and will never sell me the miniature self-flying drone of my dreams, I’m looking to DJI instead. The fancy marketing for its just-announced $759 DJI Mini 4 Pro suggests we’re at least on the way — because it’s the first Mini with omnidirectional obstacle sensing. 2022’s…

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YouTube is axing its ad-free Premium Lite subscription plan

After YouTube spent two years piloting Premium Lite, a lower-cost subscription plan for ad-free video viewing in select countries, the platform is pulling the plug on the tier. In an email to customers, YouTube announced it will no longer offer Premium Lite after October 25th, 2023. At €6.99 per month, YouTube’s Premium Lite plan first…

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Unity finally addressed developers’ biggest questions about its new pricing model

After Unity announced, then modified, then re-announcened its new Runtime fee program, the video game development community wanted to know how and why this disastrous roll-out happened. In addition to the letter Unity Create president Marc Whitten published on Friday, he also held a live fireside chat on YouTube in which he addressed some of…

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Nissan’s racy new EV concept previews an all-electric future in Europe

Designed by Nissan’s London design team, the non-production EV hatchback (called Concept 20-23) with circle daytime-running lights is compact — precisely like what you’d expect carmakers to make for the European market. Under its “Ambition 2030” plan, Nissan says it’ll globally introduce 19 new electric vehicles alongside eight “electrified” vehicles. The automaker plans to fast-track…

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Apple’s Eddy Cue will take the stand Tuesday in the Google antitrust trial

Apple senior vice president of services Eddy Cue is set to testify at the US v. Google antitrust trial on Tuesday, as the trial enters its third week. Cue’s presence, which Apple fought to avoid, underscores Apple’s importance to the Justice Department’s case against Google — which alleges that the company’s juggernaut search engine violates antitrust…

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The Action Button is the most significant new iPhone feature in years

The most significant new thing in the iPhone 15 Pro this year isn’t its lighter titanium frame, new A17 Pro processor, or its camera system (although all are appreciated). For me, it’s the Action Button: the little button above the volume keys that replaces the mute switch that had been on every iPhone since the…

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Reddit is going to let you turn gold into money

Reddit is going to let users spin Reddit gold into real money as part of its new “Contributor Program,” the company announced on Monday. It also shared details on the replacement for its old Reddit Gold system that let users show extra appreciation for posts or posts that they liked. Let’s start with the Reddit…

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Save $35 on Apple’s MagSafe Duo charger before it’s gone

It’s officially autumn. The weather is starting to turn for many of us, and there are USB-C iPhones now out there in the world. The winds of change also mean there’s a nice deal to be had on one of Apple’s outgoing wireless chargers. You can get the Apple MagSafe Duo charger for an all-time…

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The Analogue Pocket is getting a delightful limited-edition transparent version

Another special edition of the Analogue Pocket handheld is on the way. Later this week, the company will be launching a new transparent version of the device, which will be available in seven different colors: clear, smoke, red, blue, orange, green, and purple. Like the recent glow-in-the-dark version of the Pocket, Analogue says that the…

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The high tech behind Netflix’s old-school DVD service

There was a point in the late 2000s when it seemed like every mailbox was stuffed with red envelopes. Netflix shipped a billion DVDs by mail between 2007 and 2009 alone, with its loyal fans overwhelming the US Postal Service by returning 1.6 million discs every single day. Almost every film ever made, available via…

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