Discord is finally starting to let users link their PlayStation Network accounts

Discord is finally rolling out the ability to connect your PlayStation Network account to the chat app, following an announcement last May that it and Sony would “bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together on console and mobile.” Right now, the integration is pretty limited, both in terms of what it can do and…

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A prototype 500Hz gaming monitor has broken cover

The world’s fastest esports gaming monitors can refresh at 360Hz — that’s 360 times every second — but display panel manufacturer BOE thinks it can do better. This past week, it revealed a 27-inch prototype monitor with a 500Hz refresh rate, according to a news report from an account dubbed OLEDIndustry (via Videocardz and…

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Pinterest will let you use AR to preview furniture from Walmart, West Elm, and more

Pinterest is adding a “Try On for Home Decor” feature to its app, letting you see furniture from stores like Crate & Barrel, CB2, Walmart, West Elm, and Wayfair in your house through the power of augmented reality. While it’s certainly not a new idea (Pinterest itself already has a similar feature in its app…

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China releases video of spacecraft orbiting Mars for Lunar New Year

China’s first Mars orbiter, Tianwen-1, is showing off its journey around the Red Planet in a newly released selfie video ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year. The brief clip, released Monday by the China National Space Administration, shows a good portion of the spacecraft’s body, engines, and solar array zooming through space, with portions…

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XCKD’s Randall Munroe announces What If? 2, with more scientific answers to life’s most absurd hypothetical questions

XKCD creator Randall Munroe has announced his latest science book: What If? 2: Additional Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions, which will delve into new out-of-the-box questions that Munroe attempts to answer with hard scientific facts and research. What If? 2 follows 2014’s original What If? book — which itself was borne out of…

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Amazon warehouse manager pleads guilty to stealing $273K of computer parts

A Charlotte, North Carolina man has pleaded guilty to charges of mail fraud after stealing and reselling merchandise from an Amazon warehouse, the Department of Justice said in a news release. Between June 2020 and September 2021, Douglas Wright, Jr., an operations manager at Amazon’s Charlotte warehouse, allegedly stole products with a total value of…

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Intel takes a bite out of Apple

Intel claimed at CES that its new Alder Lake mobile chips would be the fastest mobile chips ever made. We’ve finally gotten to try out the flagship in this line, the 14-core Core i9-12900HK, inside MSI’s GE76 Raider gaming laptop. And it turns out that Intel was right… with some caveats. The GE76 Raider is…

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This robot gripper is delicate enough to pick up an egg yolk without breaking it

Designing robots that can handle fragile items is a big challenge for engineers. For warehouses, robots have been developed that use soft rubber fingers to grab items like fruit, but what about targets that are even more delicate? Like, say, a raw egg yolk? Well, researchers from North Carolina State University have demonstrated a new…

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Public accountants are deducting themselves from their jobs

Browsing r/Accounting, two things become apparent: first, we are entering what accountants call “busy season,” and second, a lot of public accountants are triumphantly quitting. In one recent post, titled “Put in my notice, I am fleeing public accounting baby!!,” commenters congratulate the poster on their escape. “I think I am about to be done,”…

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Chord’s Mojo 2 is a pricey gadget aimed at improving the sound of wired headphones

British audio manufacturer Chord has announced a successor to the excellent Mojo, a battery-powered accessory that aims to improve the sound of your wired headphones or speakers when paired with your phone, laptop, tablet, or other digital media source. New features for the Mojo 2 include a USB-C input, better battery life, and new tone…

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