Gatekeeper is like an isometric Risk of Rain 2, so go ahead and try the free prologue

If you, like me, are basically always hungry for another fast-paced horde shooting roguelike with crazy items and combos to build, I’ve got great news. Upcoming roguelite shooter Gatekeeper is just that, and it has a pretty dang generous free demo slash prologue version out now that’s fully-featured enough to include cooperative gameplay. Gatekeeper casts…

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Genshin Impact Giving Away Free Primogems

HoYoverse celebrates the recent PlayStation Partner Awards 2023 event by giving away free Primogems to all Genshin Impact players. Highlights Genshin Impact wins “Grand Award” at PlayStation Partner Awards 2023, rewarding players with 800 free Primogems for their support. Version 4.2 of Genshin Impact’s Fontaine story line concludes, with more updates and new characters planned…

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It looks like Baldur’s Gate 3’s composer just got a cheeky in-game cameo as the god of music

First spotted by GamesRadar, Withers pulled out all the stops in Baldur’s Gate 3’s new post-game epilogue, calling in a favor with the Forgotten Realms’ god of music, Milil, to perform for you. Fans noticed an uncanny resemblance to Larian composer Borislav Slavov, and while the artist didn’t confirm it either way, it seems like…

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Halo Infinite Takes Page Out of GTA 6 Playbook

Highlights Halo Infinite has faced criticism for launching without key features, but 343 Industries has worked hard to improve the game and make it one of the best in the Halo series. A new trailer for Halo Infinite is set to be released on December 4, generating excitement and anticipation among players. The addition of…

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Deckbuilder fans owe themselves some time with the brilliant Cobalt Core

What might be the year’s best deckbuilding game launched last month, to little fanfare, with the release of Cobalt Core. It’s a mechanically rich and well-developed little game that brings out the best of the roguelike deckbuilding genre by combining its own twist: Tactical positioning that means every attack comes from somewhere and goes somewhere,…

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Sony Working on a Smart Recap System to Help Player Reimmersion

Highlights Sony is working on software that tracks gaming sessions and provides recaps for players who take breaks. The software will make intensity adjustments and provide text and video summaries based on play history and skill assessments. It is unclear whether this software will be implemented, but it may be useful for players of long…

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Chrome and Chromium-based browser zero-day exploit that ‘exists in the wild’ has been patched but an estimated 4 billion people may still be affected

In the on-going cat and mouse game that is modern cybersecurity, even the really big names in the industry can sometimes be caught by surprise. Google’s software security team, the very super-spy sounding “The Threat Analysis Group”, announced a hidden exploit in Chrome and Chromium-based browsers on November 24, and Google has since patched it…

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Diablo 3 Reveals PTR Patch 2.7.7 Patch Notes

Highlights Diablo 3 Patch 2.7.7 PTR brings balance changes for all classes, aiming to improve gameplay and make all classes viable. Two Season themes, Rites of Sanctuary and Visions of Enmity, are permanently added to Diablo 3 for all modes. Players can test these changes on the PTR servers from December 5-12 and provide feedback…

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12 moments from the Fallout TV show trailer that make us think it could actually be good

The first trailer for Amazon’s Fallout TV show just dropped, and wow! This isn’t some 20 second teaser with a voiceover and a quick fade to black, it’s a big and boisterous two-and-a-half minute long trailer that gives us a good long look at the world, the Vault, and the characters. There are robots, turrets,…

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Honkai: Star Rail Reveals Argenti’s Complete Kit and Signature Light Cone

Highlights Honkai: Star Rail version 1.5 will introduce a new character named Argenti, who is a powerful Physical unit from the Erudition path. Argenti has unique abilities, including a talent that regenerates his energy and grants him Apotheosis stacks, and an ultimate that deals Physical damage to all enemies. Argenti’s signature weapon, the Light Cone…

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