Huh: SimCity 2000’s library has an essay about cities written by Neil Gaiman

While the original will forever hold a place in my heart, SimCity 2000 is one of those sequels that was simply meant to be. It was one of those sequels that doubled-down on everything brilliant about the first game, with a stunning visual makeover that saw the top-down 2D look become a gorgeous isometric urban…

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Don’t make my mistake by starting Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdree with your cheesy, OP NG+ build

In anticipation of Shadow of the Erdtree’s launch, I got heavily into Elden Ring once again this year. I finished my original playthrough with a powerful spellsword build (except when I had to defeat Malenia, where I cheesed it with a bleed boy), but for NG+ I wanted to try something different—after all, I’d barely…

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Fallout: New Vegas modders come fully unglued in a race to see who can do the stupidest possible thing to a missionary’s hat, and it’s lasted nearly a month so far

Well, the Fallout: New Vegas modding community is officially beyond help. It’s with a mixture of amusement and alarm that I bring you news the modders have lost it, becoming so intoxicated of modding a single Mormon’s hat that I fear they may have no route back to polite society at all. The hat is…

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Hackers claim to have carried off an enormous data heist on AMD, selling info on employee and customer information, future products and specs

Data breaches are so common these days that even when they hit the headlines, most people don’t really pay much attention. But when the target in question is AMD, the main barrier to the chip industry being monopolised by two particular companies, you can be sure that the PC industry will not leave this event…

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Hyper Light Breaker brought back all my memories of Dark Souls’ greatest boss, and it instantly became one of my favourite demos at Summer Game Fest

There’s a kind of zen state that only certain games can get me into, and when I say “certain games” I pretty much just mean FromSoft games. It’s the state of bashing your head against a brick wall but kind of enjoying it: Repeatedly hurling yourself on the rocks of that one boss over and…

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‘Sekiro was a big turning point’: After Elden Ring Hidetaka Miyazaki says, ‘there’s one more level we can crank it up to’

If you’ve ever played Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, then you’ll probably remember just how rhythmic and fluid the fighting is. Armed with a samurai sword and a prosthetic arm, there’s more of an onus placed on precise timing and dancing around your opponent than you may find in other souls games. But this style isn’t…

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Forget all the AI fluff—some serious next-gen CPUs are on their way, praise the sun

Andy Edser, Hardware writer This month I’ve been testing: The limits of my patience on long haul flights. Also, headsets, flight sticks, and the odd set of speakers. Just call me Mr Eclectic. I’ll be over here, underneath the pile of cables.  Let me start off by saying: if you’re down on all the AI…

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Todd Howard says Bethesda won’t be remaking the first Fallouts because ‘some of the charm of games from that era is a little bit of that age’

Bethesda CEO Todd Howard recently granted an interview to YouTuber MrMattyPlays, in which among other things he addresses the controversy over Starfield’s DLC pricing and some of Bethesda’s future projects. But there’s also room for some chatter about the past and, with the TV series putting the post-apocalypse back on everyone’s minds, the original Fallout…

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Fetch the popcorn: US government sues Adobe, says it’s ‘trapped’ consumers with a subs model that’s ‘absurdly hard to cancel’ and ‘ambushed’ them with late fees

In news that will delight any user of Photoshop, the US government is suing Adobe for allegedly harming consumers by “enrolling them in its default, most lucrative subscription plan without clearly disclosing important plan terms.”  The complaint from the Department of Justice (DoJ) claims that Adobe “hides” the true cost of its subscriptions in fine…

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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree review

Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is a staggering expansion, not only for its massive size—it’s about as big as half of the original map—but for all the ways it challenges the assumptions I had about the nature of its world, coming from the main campaign, and the limits of an open world narrative. Need…

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