Windows 11’s Teams Chat bloatware will soon no longer taunt me with its very existence

Looks like Microsoft will soon let us rid our Windows 11 PCs of the Microsoft Teams Chat feature, which is currently impossible to uninstall. Microsoft appears to be reacting to concerns over a potential antitrust investigation from the European Commission, after complaints were made by several companies over Teams being just too damn prevalent. We’ve…

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Xbox Series X/S Third-Party Expansion Cards Officially Announced

Western Digital has officially announced its expandable storage cards for the Xbox Series X/S consoles, introducing some much needed competition into the market. Since the fourth generation of Xbox hardware was revealed in 2020, one major sticking point for consumers has been the incredibly expensive Seagate expansion cards for the Xbox Series X/S, which at…

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Intel claims ‘substantial’ CPU core speed boost in Meteor Lake test chip ‘for just moving wires around’

In a recent blog post Intel has made some bold claims about its new PowerVia technology, and how it’s been performing in Meteor Lake-based test chips, delivering a greater than 5% increase to clock speeds. According to Intel’s Ben Sell, vice pres. of technology development, that puts PowerVia on track for delivery next year along…

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Destiny 2’s New Veil Mission Should Be Replayed

Those who’ve already finished the new Destiny 2 Veil Containment mission to unlock the hotly anticipated custom Neomuna hand cannon may wish to go back to the mission at least once more, according to players. After the Lightfall DLC came out, it didn’t take long until the player base figured out that Bungie forgot to…

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Fans despair about ‘putting your hope in Epic’ as the publisher purges all mention of Unreal Tournament game it accidentally announced last year

Remember late last year when Epic took a scythe to its back-catalogue, delisting almost every single Unreal game? At the time, the blow was softened by the news that Unreal Tournament 3 would become Unreal Tournament 3 X, a free version of the classic with full crossplay between PC storefronts, zero microtransactions, and “no strings…

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Skyrim Player Shows the Might of the Dragonborn Against a Bunch of Horkers

There’s little doubt that Skyrim has the ability to make players feel unbelievably powerful by putting them in the shoes of the Dragonborn, and this was demonstrated when someone decided to basically massacre a bunch of Horkers with a Shout. Known for its open-world setting and huge map, deep lore, dragon battles, and hundreds of…

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Nvidia’s name was on everyone’s lips at Computex while the metaverse was barely a whisper

The tech world loves a buzzword or two. Right now, it’s all about artificial intelligence. With chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard exploding onto the web and attracting massive amounts of users in a short amount of time, it’s no surprise that so many manufacturers over at Taiwan’s major tech show, Computex, had something to say…

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Pokemon Fan Creates Stylish Human Forms for Slugma and Magcargo

The Pokemon fan artist who has been making humanoid versions of the pocket creatures recently posted their latest project online, this time featuring Slugma and Magcargo. Pokemon community members who are long-time fans of both Slugma and Magcargo will likely be excited to see just how the artist has translated each of the Pokemon’s looks…

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The original Diablo 3 was canceled, and it looked surprisingly similar to Diablo 4

Sanctuary is open. Players from all corners of the internet roam its gothic world. Dungeons are ransacked by parties of roving adventurers, and quiet hamlets are turned into hubs for multiplayer meet-ups. The hardiest choose to go it alone. But others form guilds to cleave through legions of hellspawn. I’m not describing Diablo 4, but…

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The Sims 4 Leak Reveals Another Expansion Could Be in the Works

The vast majority of Sims fans are looking forward to Project Rene, but it seems that Electronic Arts isn’t quite done with The Sims 4 just yet. Two new kits for The Sims 4 were recently released on short notice, and even though the pace of content has slowed down compared to previous years, Maxis…

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