Diablo Fan Shows Off Impressive Prime Evil Model

Diablo fans have had a lot of reasons to talk about the franchise lately, causing a resurgence of fan artwork. One fan recently showed off a custom model they had made of the Prime Evil Diablo as he appeared in Diablo 3. The statue was shown off by CubbyNINJA on both the Diablo and 3D…

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Valheim will have crossplay with the upcoming Xbox version

When Valheim comes to Xbox consoles in 2023, it will have crossplay with the PC version, say developers Iron Gate AB. Valheim is also coming to the Microsoft Store and PC Game Pass (opens in new tab) this fall. In a comment on Discord, an Iron Gate rep said that “there will be full crossplay,…

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World of Warcraft Player Makes Azeroth-Style World Maps of Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, and Ohio

A World of Warcraft player and cartographer creates maps of Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, and Ohio in his quest to Azerothify every state in the USA. World maps are an iconic part of many games, but few world maps have a style quite as recognizable as World of Warcraft. One artist and World of Warcraft fan…

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Neil Blomkamp is making a Gran Turismo movie, apparently

Movie news site Deadline (opens in new tab) is reporting that director Neil Blomkamp has been attached to Sony’s attempt to get a movie based on Gran Turismo off the ground, with a supposed August 11, 2023 release date. It’ll be a collaboration between Sony’s PlayStation Productions and Columbia Pictures divisions, which previously worked together…

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Skyrim Player Goes on Ridiculous Detour, Explores Most the Map Without Dragons or Shouts

Even after being commercially available for over a decade, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim still possesses a dedicated following of players. With new fan content for Skyrim being consistently posted online, it’s impressive that fans are still managing to find new things to accomplish in-game. Though, one player in particular found a way to progress…

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This Sonic the Hedgehog-themed ‘gaming kit’ has gotta go fast into the trash

When PC Gamer senior editor Wes Fenlon pointed out that Walmart (opens in new tab) is selling a Sonic The Hedgehog-themed 3-in-1 gaming kit, I felt obligated as a journalist to put in an order faster than Sonic can eat a chili dog.  The Sonic the Hedgehog 3-in-1 gaming kit Includes a gaming mouse, mechanical…

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Pokemon Fan Designs Regional Variant for Relicanth

A Pokemon fan shares their original creation, a regional version of prehistoric water-dwelling Pokemon Relicanth that has adapted to the modern day. With upcoming main series titles Pokemon Scarlet and Violet on the horizon, Pokemon fans have begun to speculate about the new and returning creatures which might be making an appearance in the games….

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Redfall campaign progress stays with the host

Arkane’s upcoming Redfall (opens in new tab), an open world cooperative FPS in which you and three friends shoot vampires, won’t track missions you complete in a friend’s game. So, if you join someone else’s game and complete a mission, but haven’t done it in your own world, you’ll have to do it again when…

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Sega Likely Won’t Have Sonic Kissing Human Characters Again

According to the head of Sonic Team, Sonic the Hedgehog will no longer be kissing human characters ever again, if he can help it. Of the numerous longstanding video game franchises, Sonic the Hedgehog is one that has taken many forms and has gone through various iterations. Longtime fans of the series have stood by…

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RIP Internet Explorer: Here are 10 things as old as the expired browser

Once the most popular browser in the world, Internet Explorer has seen its last sunrise. As of today, if you try to open Internet Explorer, you’ll be directed to download Edge, Microsoft’s fresh new browser, which we recently heard is getting improved Xbox Cloud Gaming support. It’s the end of an era.  At the speed…

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