Genshin Impact Chart Reveals Nilou and Albedo Overall Banner Revenue

A Genshin Impact chart shows where the previous double banner featuring Nilou and Albedo ranks in the all-time banner sales list. A new Genshin Impact chart reveals the overall sales for the double banner that had the Hydro user Nilou and the Mondstadt alchemist Albedo as their limited five-star characters. They were part of the…

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New NYC pay law gives us a rare insight into what game devs really make

A new law in New York City is giving us an unusual insight into the earnings of game developers at some of the world’s biggest game studios, Axios (opens in new tab) reports. The law requires that—as of November 1—companies in NYC must include a “good faith salary range (opens in new tab)” for the…

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Genshin Impact Leaks Hint at Three Re-runs for 3.3 Including Raiden Shogun

Recent Genshin Impact leaks have revealed more details about the characters that might appear on the upcoming banners for update 3.3. A Limited Character Banner usually lasts around three weeks, and it includes one of two five-star characters and three four-stars. The ongoing double banner features the new Dendro Archon Nahida, also known as Lesser…

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‘This wallpaper does NOT exist’ since the AI has yet to design it

If you’re in need of a new wallpaper for your desktop or cell, but can’t find one that’s just right, why not get an AI to generate one for you? That way you know when you show it off to your buddies no one will be able to say, “Yo, I saw that on Reddit…

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Skyrim Mod Overhauls Ambient Sounds For a More Immersive Experience

A couple of Skyrim modders have managed to overhaul the in-game sounds, paying particular attention to the towns, dungeons, and the general wilderness, adding more immersion to the experience. Good sound design is vital in video games, especially if the developer is hoping the players lose themselves in the virtual world. Of course, not every…

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Xbox Studios boss says Halo Infinite’s launch was like ‘stumbling as you come across the finish line’

Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty has been getting candid about Halo Infinite. As spotted by The Gamer (opens in new tab), Booty was asked to give his take on the game’s rough launch during an appearance on the Friends Per Second podcast (opens in new tab), and compared Halo Infinite’s release to “the classic…

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Datamine Reveals New Info on Halo Infinite Battle Royale Mode

The battle royale mode for Halo Infinite, currently known as Tatanka, may arrive with the game’s fourth season, putting it at a release date sometime in mid-2023. A lot of players have enjoyed Halo Infinite since it launched last year, specifically its campaign. Horror movie director John Carpenter even stated that Halo Infinite was the…

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Alan Wake Remastered Developer Isn’t Happy With Its Revenue

Alan Wake Remastered appears to have not moved very many copies, according to developer Remedy Entertainment. The tenured studio has a fair few blockbuster releases under its belt, including the first two Max Payne games, Quantum Break, Control, and the Alan Wake titles themselves. But the company’s latest release seems to have missed its mark…

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Blizzard Explains Diablo 4 Skill Trees and More

Diablo 4 is going to offer unprecedented character and skill tree customization, according to a recent interview with Blizzard’s Game Director Joe Shely and General Manager Rod Fergusson. Customization and class identity have always been crucial in a Diablo game, and while Diablo 3 ended up taking its own progression systems quite far after substantial…

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Today’s Wordle answer and hint for Monday, November 7

You’ll find all the Wordle help you need just below, whether you’re looking for a clue designed to point you in the right direction, general tips and tricks, a beginner’s guide, or the answer to the November 7 (506) puzzle in easy-to-read capital letters. Today’s Wordle was an unexpected nightmare for me—and worst of all…

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