UK readers! We’re teaming up with Nvidia to give away an MSI GeForce RTX 4080 Suprim GPU and a Diablo 4 Collector’s Edition!

The thing about Diablo 4, you see, is that it’s about the acquisition of progressively shinier and more impressive items. Normals become magics, magics become rares, rares become legendaries, and legendaries become something presumably quite exciting that I’ve yet to get my hands on. Well, to mark Diablo 4’s release, we’ve teamed up with Nvidia…

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Diablo 4’s First Character to Reach Hardcore Level 100 Dies in Most Heartbreaking Way Possible

The player who has earned the accolade of being the first to reach Hardcore level 100 in Diablo 4 died in possibly the most unfortunate way possible. For the uninitiated, Hardcore mode in Diablo 4 carries the risk of permadeath. Diablo 4 has been exceedingly well-received by both fans and critics. However, there have been…

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Noctua’s fan 8 years in the making could be the last you’ll ever need

Noctua makes a mean fan. The Austrian company’s NF-S12B redux-1200 has dominated the top of our best PC fans guide for years and I’m yet to see anything come close to knocking it off its perch. What might take the top spot is Noctua’s newest creation, its next-generation 140mm fan, which has been in the…

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PS5 Gets New System Update for June 2023

Sony has released a brand-new update for its PlayStation 5 console. While many would agree that the PlayStation 5 launched in a great state, there’s always room for improvement. Sony has acknowledged this by releasing multiple system updates for the PS5 since its launch in 2020. PS5 console updates have varied in importance. Sometimes they…

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Blizzard’s paying Megan Fox to eulogise Diablo 4 deaths in her underwear

“If there’s one thing I love,” says Hollywood actor Megan Fox, “it’s the sight of blood.” Hold on a second, what channel is this? Yes, Blizzard has paid a large sum of money for what is in effect a high-profile Cameo, whereby some nerd’s unremarkable demise in Diablo 4 will be air quotes immortalised by…

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Coca-Cola and League of Legends Team Up to Create EXP-Flavored Drink

Coca-Cola announced a collaboration with League of Legends for its next drink, giving players the opportunity to discover what experience points taste like. While League of Legends players already know what it feels like to gather experience points and gain new levels, this collaboration with Coca-Cola promises to translate that feeling into a drink they…

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Classic RPG series Wizardry is becoming a blockchain abomination

Wizardry is a foundational videogame RPG, one of the first and best to adapt various principles of Dungeons & Dragons and an influence on pretty much everything that came afterwards. The first entry had the incredibly good name Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord, and was released in 1981 by Sir-Tech, with the last…

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MrBeast Teases Stream on Kick Following Twitch’s New Guidelines

In a bold move aimed at supporting Twitch streamers and their protests against the platform’s new advertising guidelines, renowned content creator MrBeast has hinted at a potential stream on Twitch’s rival platform, Kick. As Twitch continues to face backlash from its user base over the proposed change, MrBeast’s involvement injects a powerful surge of solidarity…

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Windows 11’s latest endearing mess contains rigorously enforced Britishisms

Image 1 of 2 Windows 11 is a mess. Weirdly, I find that quite endearing. After decades of its existence as a deathly dull operating system, I’m kinda into Windows showing us its fallible side. But does it need to do it so damn often now, and in such strange ways? The latest is the…

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Genshin Impact Players Are Unhappy with 3.7 Spiral Abyss

Genshin Impact players are not happy with the new version of the Spiral Abyss that arrived in version 3.7. This unique domain is considered by many to be the hardest piece of content as it requires players to fight multiple waves of high-level enemies. The enemy lineup keeps changing every couple of weeks and players…

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