Updated Star Citizen minimum system requirements look gentle but they’re more guidelines than actual rules

Star Citizen has just updated its minimum system requirements and they appear rather easy-going: a quad-core CPU of unspecified age, a GPU with 4GB of VRAM, and 16GB of system memory. Many modern systems quite happily conform to that specification, especially with the developers noting a few examples of graphics cards that meet the requirement,…

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Content Warning has hit 1 million copies sold, which hopefully means we’ll get some more Old World locations soon

The co-op horror game Content Warning made a pretty big impression when it was released around a month ago. Landfall decided to make it free to download for the first 24 hours only, which brought in around 6.6 million users who then spent a great deal of time trying to film viral videos in the…

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US promises Samsung $6.4B to build more chips on US soil, which only increases the chance of a Made in USA GPU at some point

The US government has announced it will hand $6.4B to Samsung, in a bid to get more advanced chips produced on US soil. The company, headquartered in South Korea, is currently in the process of building chipmaking facilities, including a fab and packaging plant, in Taylor, Texas and this big influx of cash hopes to…

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Blizzard obliterates an orb from WoW Classic: Season of Discovery’s 3rd phase for causing problems, leaves a terrifying class of Crusader-enchanted players in its wake

World of Warcraft: Classic’s Season of Discovery has been a success so far, outperforming most of Blizzard’s metrics—but its experimental nature has also caused no shortage of problems. Most recently, those problems have surrounded an unassuming orb. But first, some context: Season of Discovery (SoD) proceeds in ‘phases’, which are sort of like seasons in…

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Helldivers 2 patch fixes PS5 hosts accidentally giving damage boosts to their fellow patriots, continues to tackle crashes

The patriots at Arrowhead Games R&D have been busy working on Helldivers 2 fixes—the latest batch of which just dropped this morning. A bizarre quirk of the game engine that was giving PS5 players (and their squadmates) an unfair advantage has been nixed, restoring weapons-grade equality between the platforms. In case you weren’t aware, here’s…

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World of Warcraft’s Plunderstorm event proves we’ll put up with anything for cool transmogs

My name is Fraser Brown and I will ruin my life for a cool in-game cosmetic item. There, I’ve said it. I feel a bit better now. Well, not that much better, because I’m painfully sleep-deprived and my back hurts from spending too much time hunched over my desk. At least I can dress my…

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Nixxes is ‘sort of waiting for FSR 3.1’ before adding AMD’s frame generation to Horizon Forbidden West because it wants ‘the latest and greatest before integrating it’

The PC version of Horizon Forbidden West has been generally very well received, even if opinions of the original game are varied. That’s because it’s got the full gamut of upscalers on offer (DLSS, FSR, and XeSS), along with ultrawide monitor support, and even includes the use of DirectStorage. However, when it comes to frame…

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Great Scott! Asus’ Back to the Future cable-hiding system is no gimmick, it’s the future of gaming and enthusiast PCs

If you’ve ever built a gaming PC or just looked inside one, you won’t have missed the fact that everywhere you look there are cables. Wires to supply power, data, or both; wires to switch things on and off; wires to change the colour of lights; wires to attach chassis ports to the motherboard. At…

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Skybound is making an Invincible game and it wants people to invest in the company to help make it happen

Skybound Entertainment has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign to support the development of a new videogame based on the hugely popular Invincible comic and animated TV series. This isn’t a Kickstarter-style campaign, though, but an investment into Skybound itself, being run through the Republic investment platform. “Most crowdfunded videogames are centered around indie games and…

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Brace yourselves: Microsoft wants to put ads in Windows 11’s Start menu

Good news everyone: first spotted by The Verge, a recent Windows Insider blog post revealed that the beta channel of Windows 11 will soon feature opt-out “recommended apps” from the Microsoft store in the Start menu, effectively introducing advertisements to a new, previously unsullied area of the OS. Sorry, did I say good news? “Building…

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