Rhythm Sprout Release Window Revealed in New Trailer

Indie game publisher TinyBuild shares a new trailer for its upcoming rhythm game, Rhythm Sprout, which also includes details on its release window, features, and modes. This game was revealed back in April for the Nintendo Switch, where players take on the role of an onion sprout that must defend their homeland from an invading…

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – Enhanced Edition adds controller support and a surprisingly good photo mode

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous (opens in new tab), Owlcat Games’ demon-slaying CRPG, has now been upgraded to the Enhanced Edition (opens in new tab) via a free update. It’s wide-ranging, but as someone who paused their quest until they could play it on their Steam Deck while lazing around on the sofa or lying…

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Overwatch 2 Fans Can Get Kiriko Skin by Watching the Game on Twitch

Blizzard will be offering an exclusive Legendary Kiriko skin for Overwatch 2 through Twitch ahead of the upcoming team-based shooter’s release. Overwatch 2‘s multiplayer half launches on October 4 and will feature Kiriko as the game’s newest hero. To build up excitement for Overwatch 2‘s launch and Kiriko, Blizzard wants to offer a special reward…

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Activision slams COD cheatmakers with racketeering charges

Activision has gone to war on the maker of popular Call of Duty cheat software, a German-based entity called EngineOwning (hereafter EO). The videogame publisher has filed a new document in an ongoing suit in California against dozens of named individuals, and among the charges is one that does raise an eyebrow: racketeering. Activision accuses…

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Overwatch Fans Accuse OW2 Battle Pass Reward of Reusing Assets

Overwatch 2 will be released in a few days, but fans have already noticed the game appears to be reusing assets from its predecessor. Overwatch 2 will see a vast number of changes when the game is released, including reducing the number of combatants down from 6v6 as seen in the original to 5v5. Blizzard’s…

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Bruce Willis sells his likeness to a firm so his ‘digital twin’ can star in movies and commercials

Retired action movie star Bruce Willis has become the first Hollywood actor to sell his image and likeness rights to a firm that creates movies and commercials using AI-powered deepfake technology. DeepCake (opens in new tab) says that they hired the “digital twin” of the Die Hard actor so his digital likeness and voice can…

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Skyrim Player Gets Stuck in Fireplace After Enemy Attack

An unlucky Skyrim player takes a tumble into a fireplace after being shouted at by a Draugr Deathlord and then is unable to get out. Many Skyrim players are well aware of the game’s intense physics engine and how it can cause interesting reactions and can sometimes cause their characters to get into some unfortunate…

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Sonic Frontiers feels like an incoherent mess, and a boring one at that

I’m bouncing through a cyberspace portal, one of Sonic Frontiers’ mini stages. Sonic’s erratic movement has caused me to slip off a rotating platform one time too many and I’m growing tired. Finally, the end. The only thing between me and the goal is a simple jump panel. I go at it, full speed… and…

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Amouranth Accuses Twitter of Censorship

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa is blasting Twitter for what she thinks constitutes censorship, even if the social media site isn’t blocking content. Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is railing against practices by Twitter that she believes are basically censorship by hiding content it deems inappropriate. The incredibly popular Twitch content producer believes that even if…

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Brewing beer you can’t drink is a special form of simulator self-torture

It must be really hard to think up an original simulator. It seems that almost every job that involves some form of physical work is now painstakingly reconstructed on PC. From farming to driving trucks and beyond—I’ve even seen a Food Truck simulator about. But Brewmaster brings the simulation magic to beer brewing, and it’s…

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