Valheim Update Adds Frost Caves, Controller Support, and More

Valheim updates its public test branch to offer controller support before the Steam Deck’s release, Frost Caves for new areas to explore, and more. Iron Gate AB released popular Viking survival game Valheim in early access last year and fans continue to discover hidden details, ideal building methods, and different techniques for defeating the various…

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Ark 2 is coming: here’s everything we know about it

Ark 2 has been more of a mythical yeti than a well-researched dinosaur fossil since its announcement. We know it’s got a whole bunch of Vin Diesel (in some capacity), and definitely still features dinos. But that’s just about all we know, and it’s been a long wait for more information. One of the least-expected…

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Street Fighter is Crossing Over With Magic The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering’s newest Secret Lair drop will feature several of Street Fighter’s most popular characters, from Ryu to Chun-Li and more. As one of the oldest and most highly revered collectible card games in the world, Magic: The Gathering has been no stranger to collaborations and tie-ins with some of the biggest names in…

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Best light gaming mouse in 2022

The best light gaming mouse is all about minimising anything that could get in the way of your reflexes. It’s about trying to make your controller purely an extension of your arm, rather than a peripheral you have to think about manipulating. When it’s light as a feather, a gaming mouse can blur the line…

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Battlefield 2042 Refund Petition Passes 200,000 Signatures

A petition urging Electronic Arts to refund dissatisfied Battlefield 2042 players is rapidly gaining support from the game’s community. Electronic Arts’ long-running Battlefield franchise seems to have hit a low point; Battlefield 2042, the latest installment in the series, was met with a considerable amount of backlash from fans when it debuted in November of…

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Laid-back dog sledder Arctico wants you to chill out

The first thing Arctico asked me to do was name my dogs. As someone who’s been retelling the same handful of stories from the six months I spent training sled dogs over (oh no) ten years ago, this was an impossible task. How am I meant to pick four dogs from the almost 100 perfect…

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Elden Ring Spoilers Have Leaked Online

As Elden Ring’s release date fast approaches, details of FromSoftware’s newest action-RPG have started spreading across the internet. As tends to happen when big tentpole titles near their release dates, details of said games sometimes get out early and spread like wildfire across the internet. FromSoftware’s newest action-RPG has unfortunately fallen victim to this same…

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Lost Ark leveling: tips and the Powerpass system explained

Looking for a Lost Ark leveling guide to help you through Arkesia? The Korean MMO isn’t shy about throwing a load of systems your way right from the start. It can be pretty overwhelming, especially when you just want to get going on your journey towards max level. You start at level 10, up to…

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Dying Light 2 Releases More Free DLC

Techland is launching the second batch of free DLC for Dying Light 2, featuring a number of additional Peacekeeper-themed armor pieces. After its predecessor got almost a full decade’s worth of free post-launch DLC, Dying Light 2: Stay Human seems to be going in a similar direction with free goodies dropping in every so often….

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Female Tekken player says men under 170cm don’t have human rights, gets fired

Sometimes, you really should just keep opinions to yourself, right? I don’t care if you think Dark Souls 2 is the best of the bunch, or why you didn’t like Disco Elysium. Just don’t make that my problem. However when you get to the point you’re saying a group of people don’t have human rights,…

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