Intel Arc GPUs Get Release Windows

Intel announces release dates for its Arc GPU series, ready to compete against Nvidia and AMD in the discrete GPU market. The Intel Arc series has been the subject of speculation for many months. Codenamed Alchemist, the GPU is designed to tackle gaming-specific demands. Although Intel has long developed integrated graphics solutions in their CPU…

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Lost Ark is getting a new region to deal with lengthy queues for EU players

While Lost Ark players on the NA servers have been able to play without waiting, players on EU servers are complaining of queues that last for hours. “18,587 in queue”, says one user review from Sweden. “See you next week.” Steam’s user review rating for Lost Ark has slid down to Mixed, and European queue…

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Pokemon GO Developer Niantic Working on Brand-New Game

A new job listing from Niantic reveals the company is hiring for its next game project, while also providing clues as to what the game will entail. For many gamers, the first thing that comes to mind when bringing up developer Niantic is likely Pokemon GO, the AR mobile game juggernaut. However, the company has…

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The future of battle royale is here, and there’s no circle

Did you know that battle royale, in its modern form as a trendy FPS genre, turns five this year? That’s when PUBG came out and proved there was big money to be made. We’ve now spent half a decade dropping out of planes with 99 of our closest enemies, ripping each other to shreds as…

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Xbox is Ending Support for Windows Phones

Xbox is ending support for Windows Phones, with Microsoft announcing that Xbox features will no longer work on its discontinued mobile platform. Microsoft has announced it is ending support for Xbox features on Windows Phone devices. The announcement was delivered uneventfully as a notification through the Xbox app. It comes as bad news for what…

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EA denies blaming Halo Infinite for Battlefield 2042’s problems

Speaking to employees during an internal “town hall” meeting, an EA executive reportedly attributed some of Battlefield 2042’s negative reception to the surprise launch of Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer, which dropped on Steam at around the same time. Xfire’s second-hand account of the meeting states that EA acknowledged several reasons for BF2042’s struggles, but the…

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Fortnite Uncharted Skins Available Now

Any gamer who is even remotely familiar with Fortnite is likely aware the title is second-to-none when it comes to adding skins and cosmetics from other IPs, whether it be real-life celebrities, books, or other video games. This signature trend continues today, with the addition of Uncharted‘s Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer. Epic Games’ ever-popular…

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Lost Ark’s new servers are now online

For European players, this year’s exciting new MMO experience Lost Ark has largely been an exciting new queue simulator. While Amazon Games correctly anticipated the number of players who’d be logging onto North American servers, which have been essentially queue-free since launch, the publisher does seem to have underestimated the European popularity of PC gaming…

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Chinese Government Acquires Stake in TikTok Parent Company ByteDance

The Chinese government now controls a stake in TikTok’s parent Company ByteDance, expanding its hold over the country’s growing technology sector. TikTok is one of the largest social media platforms on the web. The video-sharing app has over 1 billion users worldwide, and last year, it dethroned Google as the internet’s most visited website domain….

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Lost Ark Twitch drops: what they are and how to get them

Lost Ark Twitch drops are in-game rewards that you get by watching participating streamers via Twitch. (Or having their streams open in another tab while you should be working.) If you’ve seen players zooming around Arkesia on the top of golden electric hoverboards while accompanied by pets that look like mystical foxes, those rewards came…

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