Current Epic Games Store Free Game Adds Achievements

Achievements have been a part of gaming for a long time, with the concept arguably going all the way back to Activision’s high score patches from 1982. However, today’s platform-wide Achievements wouldn’t really take off until the Xbox 360 in 2005, soon spreading to Steam, PlayStation, and other platforms. The Epic Games Store is the…

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We still don’t know much about Starfield, but its music is on point

Another day, another cinematic, softly-lit video of Bethesda developers pitching us on the big picture artistic drives of their upcoming space RPG, Starfield. For the third episode of the “Into the Starfield” series, audio director Mark Lampert sits down with composer Inon Zur to discuss their creative processes and goals for the game. Previous episodes…

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Genshin Impact: Bennett and Lisa Will Appear On Paimon’s Bargains Next Month

Next month’s rotation for Genshin Impact’s in-game shop, Paimon’s Bargains, is set to feature two fan-favorite characters — Bennett and Lisa. Genshin Impact follows a gacha-based system, which means that in order to acquire most items of the highest rarity in the game, players usually need to test their luck on various banners. However, not…

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Some of Bethesda’s classic Elder Scrolls RPGs are now free on Steam

Earlier this year Bethesda announced its launcher would be taking a permanent dirt nap and its games would be lined back up on Steam’s shelves. That day draws near: on May 11, the Bethesda launcher will be no more, and some classic Bethesda RPGs (along with a Splash Damage shooter) have already made the transition…

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Fans Find More Evidence Pointing to Last of Us Remake Project

Fans discover more evidence indicating that developer Naughty Dog is working on a remake of its popular and award-winning game, The Last of Us. Ten years is often a significant milestone after a game’s release, and developers sometimes do something special to celebrate it. However, Naughty Dog does not seem willing to wait the whole…

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Overwatch 2 has a new way to judge other players, and I’m nervous

For as much flak as Battlefield 2042 caught last year for launching without a traditional scoreboard, this has been business as usual for the last six years of Overwatch. The Overwatch score screen lets you see your own performance stats, such as your kill and death counts, but obfuscates the stats of your teammates and…

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Super Mario Sunshine Fan Art Imagines the GameCube Title as GBA Port

Super Mario Sunshine maintains popularity through the 3D All-Stars Collection on Nintendo Switch, but fan art imagines what it may look like on GBA. Nintendo originally released Super Mario Sunshine for the GameCube, but some fans have been curious about what it might resemble on the Game Boy Advance since it was Nintendo’s primary handheld…

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Final Fantasy 14 producer asks players to stop saying

Final Fantasy 14’s new 5v5 PvP mode, Crystalline Conflict, has apparently led to such an uptick in bad manners among the players that the game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida, directly addressed players in a news post regarding their behavior. “We are receiving an unprecedented number of reports concerning uncooperative/lethargic or taunting behavior during matches,” Yoshida explains,…

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Twitch Streamer xQc Admits He Has a Gambling Addiction

xQc is known to be a controversial figure among content creators, something that’s contributed to his climb to become one of the most successful streamers on Twitch. But xQc is, at times, self-reflective of his own behavior and how it can be harmful not just to others but also to himself. In a recent Twitch…

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Fortnite is adding even more Street Fighter characters with Sakura and Blanka

As if four Street Fighter characters in Fortnite wasn’t enough, Sakura and Blanka are now making their way over to the battle royale, complete with some surprisingly suave alternative costumes. They’ll both be landing in the Fortnite item shop on April 28, with each bundle containing a built-in outfit emote, back bling, pickaxe and an…

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