Company of Heroes 3 update introduces more than ‘1,300 bug fixes, changes and improvements’ along with free and premium cosmetics

Operation Sapphire Jackal, Company of Heroes 3’s first “major” update, is out today. Relic has outlined what you can expect from the patch, including the ability to earn Merits that will allow you to unlock a variety of cosmetics from the in-game store, gussying up your troops.  The highlight of the update is the Challenges…

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Resident Evil 4 Remake is Being Review Bombed

Even as many reviewers and players continue to sing its praises, Capcom’s remake of the survival horror classic Resident Evil 4 is now being review bombed by some gamers dissatisfied with the title. While fans of the franchise had been clamoring for a Resident Evil 4 remake for years, a wide range of perceived issues…

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AMD details its Nvidia DLSS 3 Frame Generation-fighting tech

For once we were right (opens in new tab). AMD has indeed revealed the first details of its upcoming answer to Nvidia’s DLSS 3 Frame Generation technology (opens in new tab). Known as frame interpolation, the technology will arrive with AMD’s FSR 3 upscaling platform. AMD hasn’t put a date on the release of FSR…

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Minecraft Player Builds Incredible City Inspired by Cyberpunk 2077

A talented Minecraft player has built an amazing cityscape inspired by Cyberpunk 2077’s infamous Night City. The impressive creation captures the feeling of the fictional futuristic city, demonstrating how Minecraft attracts incredibly talented gamers who help showcase what makes the game so fun to play. Since Minecraft’s initial release back in 2011, the popularity of…

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Man caught obviously smuggling CPUs under his clothes

There’s an old adage that says if you’re going to do some crime, then at least try to be smart about it. That way, even if you get caught you have a chance to come off as some sort of Ocean’s Eleven heist genius, as opposed to this guy who tried to get through Chinese…

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Thieves Steal $1 Million Worth of Pokemon Cards and Other Collectibles

A group of thieves reportedly stole $1 million worth of Pokemon cards and other collectibles in a California-based hobby store. Security footage of the incident has been posted online in hopes of catching the perpetrators who broke into the shop. Collecting Pokemon cards can be an expensive hobby and lucrative business, especially for people who…

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Wordle hint and answer #648: Wednesday, March 29

Keep your Wordle (opens in new tab) win streak growing, and learn how to make the most of your crucial opening guesses with our helpful guides and tips. Get all the help you need with today’s Wordle, too: there’s a clue for the March 29 (648) puzzle just below, and a little past that, you’ll…

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The Last of Us PC Glitch Turns Bill’s Home Into a Rave

A The Last of Us PC glitch shows Bill’s home turn into what looks like a colorful rave. The Naughty Dog title’s PC port has been receiving negative reviews from players who have been experiencing crashes and other issues upon its release. Almost a decade after The Last of Us‘ initial release, Naughty Dog launched…

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‘Of course, you can start at the beginning or end of a paradox’: Warframe’s most ambitious new expansion yet aims to please veterans and newcomers alike

COVER FEATURE This article first appeared in PC Gamer magazine issue 381 in March 2023. You can still pick up a copy direct from us (opens in new tab). Every month we run exclusive features exploring the world of PC gaming—from behind-the-scenes previews, to incredible community stories, to fascinating interviews, and more.   The problem with…

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Skyrim Player Discovers Incredibly Powerful Bow During Playthrough

A player of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has recently shared that they found an incredibly powerful bow while going through one of their playthroughs. Given that players can find some weapons in Skyrim with random statistics, this fan’s overpowered discovery will probably let them breeze through the entire game without having to worry about…

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