Capcom Teases New Street Fighter Announcement for Franchise’s 35th Anniversary

Capcom releases a new post celebrating the Street Fighter franchise’s upcoming 35th anniversary that also hints at more news to come.

Video game developer and publisher Capcom owns several video game franchises, including the Street Fighter series that started as an arcade game in 1987. Since it first came out, the Street Fighter franchise has continued to grow and develop into a popular fighting game series for over 30 years now, adding new things along the way. That trend may soon continue.

Capcom has consistently added new characters and stories to the Street Fighter franchise with each new game release. The most recent entry in the series was Street Fighter 5, which was developed by Capcom and Japanese game developer Dimps and was released in 2016. Now that it’s 2022, Capcom has some news to share with its Street Fighter fans.


Capcom recently tweeted saying that it will be celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise. To go with the announcement, Capcom made a new image that celebrates 35 years of the Street Fighter franchise and all of its iconic characters, like Street Fighter’s Ryu, M. Bison, and Akuma with their various fighting moves and special abilities. However, this wasn’t the only news shared about the Street Fighter anniversary.

The Street Fighter Japanese Twitter account also made a tweet celebrating the franchise’s anniversary with similar text as the Capcom USA Twitter Account, but it had a little bit more information in an extra sentence. This extra detail from the Street Fighter Japanese post roughly translates to, “Please look forward to the future development of the Street Fighter series.” Unlike the Capcom USA post, this tweet teases that there might be more news for the Street Fighter coming soon that fans can look forward to.

While Capcom is celebrating Street Fighter’s anniversary, it has another game anniversary to look forward to in the next few years. Capcom is also preparing for the Monster Hunter franchise’s Anniversary in 2024 as revealed by series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto in an interview with the Japanese news publication Famitsu. Tsujimoto said at the time that Capcom would have a special event to celebrate Monster Hunter and that he would need to make preparations in 2022 to get work started for the anniversary event.

For Street Fighter’s 35th Anniversary, Capcom could release a new anniversary compilation, like the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection from 2018, to celebrate the event. It came with twelve entries from the Street Fighter franchise, including the original Street Fighter as well as Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter Alpha, and Street Fighter 3. The previous anniversary collection before that was the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary – Collector’s Set. Whatever it could be, fans will have to wait and see what Capcom has in store for them when it makes the new announcement on the next developments for the Street Fighter franchise.

Source: Gamerant

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