Capcom Plans to Release an Unannounced Major Title in Early 2024


  • Capcom’s recent announcement of an undisclosed major title to be released by March 2024 has sparked excitement and speculation among gamers, who eagerly anticipate the reveal of the nature of this new game.
  • Fans are expressing their hopes for various possibilities, including a new Monster Hunter installment, revivals of classic Capcom franchises like Dino Crisis, and even the creation of a completely new game.
  • Capcom also addressed its interest in the growing PC market and mentioned its plans to adjust prices to enhance global revenue.

Capcom announced its intention to launch a significant undisclosed title in March 2024. This revelation has piqued the curiosity of gaming enthusiasts, who are now speculating about the nature of the next major release from Capcom.

The renowned game development company, celebrated for iconic franchises like Street Fighter and Resident Evil, boasts a rich history. Since its founding in 1980, Capcom has continuously developed games that have become part of a lasting legacy in the gaming world. Every time Capcom announces a new game, excitement within the community grows because of the possibility of a new installment in one of its most popular franchises. Such is the case with the recent information provided.

This revelation emerged during a Q&A session at a Capcom IR presentation, with the information sourced from a translation by Reddit user hzy980512. While the presentation was in Japanese, the translated excerpts shed light on Capcom’s strategies for achieving sales goals and their views on the PC market. Capcom’s statement highlighted their intention to release an unannounced major title by March 2024, as well as their plan to release Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy in January. This mysterious title, coupled with a plan to boost sales of newly released games like Street Fighter 6 and a focus on sales events, is part of their strategy to achieve the goal of selling 45 million copies of console titles.

The announcement has sparked lively speculation among the gaming community, as players ponder the nature of this undisclosed major title. Anticipation runs high, with fans expressing hopes for anything from a new Monster Hunter installment to potential revivals of classic Capcom franchises like Dino Crisis, the long-awaited Resident Evil: Revelations 3, Dead Rising, or even the creation of a new game.

Furthermore, Capcom’s interest in the PC market was also addressed, acknowledging its consistent growth. When questioned about the impact of the Steam Deck on PC titles, Capcom noted that the device’s sales figures remained limited, and they would continue adjusting prices to enhance global revenue.

Capcom’s decision to release an unannounced major title is sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating further details about the future offerings from the company’s iconic franchises. While players anticipate more details about the upcoming Street Fighter 6 DLC featuring Ed, in the interim, they should also keep an eye out for upcoming announcements that will unveil this major Capcom release.

Source: Gamerant

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