Capcom Already Looking Ahead to Monster Hunter’s Anniversary in 2024

A recent report reveals that Capcom is already planning things out for the Monster Hunter franchise’s anniversary coming up in 2024.

With 2021 almost over and 2022 just around the corner, various video game developers and publishers have been looking to the future in gaming. One such game publisher is Capcom as the company is already looking to the future for the popular Monster Hunter franchise.

Recently, the Japanese publication Famitsu asked about the goals various video game developers have for 2022. Capcom was one of those developers and several of its staff spoke to Famitsu, one of whom was Ryozo Tsujimoto, who has been the series’ producer for the Monster Hunter franchise for years. Tsujimoto spoke with Famitsu and shared some details of Capcom’s goals for the franchise in the forseeable future.


Tsujimoto mentions that the developers are focused on delivering the DLC expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to players, which is scheduled for a summer release next year. He also adds that Monster Hunter will have another special event in its future, specifically the franchise’s 20th anniversary, which will be coming up in 2024. Tsujimoto stated that he will need to start making preparations in 2022 for work on the Monster Hunter anniversary.

capcom dlc expansion nintendo direct september 2021

Monster Hunter has been a lucrative franchise for Capcom in recent years, building a loyal fanbase that has continued to support the series’ various game releases. The latest entry in the series, Monster Hunter Rise, caught some fans off-guard when it was released as a Nintendo Switch-exclusive game. However, Monster Hunter Rise ended up being one of 2021’s best-selling games during its initial release month.

Capcom continued to add new things to Monster Hunter Rise, including Layered Armor Crafting, as well as new kinds of monsters. One of the new types of monsters players could hunt in the game included the Elder Dragons. These updates and others had been added for players to access for free. The game even added in other in-game quests that rewarded players with armor based on other Capcom franchises and characters, like Akuma from Street Fighter.

Not only that, Monster Hunter Rise was also one of Japan’s most downloaded games on the Nintendo Switch in 2021. Fans of the game are still looking forward to the release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak next year. The Sunbreak expansion has been advertised as a massive expansion for Monster Hunter Rise. It was revealed with a teaser trailer during the September 2021 Nintendo Direct, and at the end of the trailer Nintendo senior executive officer Yoshiaki Koizumi added that the Sunbreak expansion will bring new stories, locations, monsters, and more for players to experience in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now for Nintendo Switch, with a PC version scheduled to release on January 12, 2022.

Source: Famitsu, Nintendo Life

Source: Gamerant

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