Call of Duty: Warzone Will Remove Vegetation on Caldera to Improve Visibility in Warzone Season 4

Even though there’s a sequel coming along in the relatively near future, Call of Duty: Warzone is merrily trucking along still, with many updates, changes, and fixes dropping on a weekly basis. The latest batch of announced changes includes a variety of long-awaited tweaks featured as part of Season 4, not least of which are the so-called Mercenary Vaults and new Points Of Interest.

However, one of the most important upcoming changes may well be one of the more simple. According to an official Call of Duty: Warzone tweet, the game’s Caldera level is going to get a potentially massive quality-of-life improvement. The release of Warzone Season 4 should, in effect, make Caldera a far more inviting level to play, as the developers are making a substantial visual change.


Even though there’s an important new map coming to Warzone in Season 4, the developers are hard at work keeping the game’s older maps relevant as well. According to official sources, Warzone is removing about half of its total vegetation on Caldera for vastly improved visibility at every engagement range. On top of making it easier to spot prone players at any distance, having 50% less vegetation on the map will also make it easier to spot dropped loot and other interesting items, streamlining the gameplay loop even further.

In theory, the changes to vegetation rendering should make it less important for competitive players to tweak the Warzone graphics settings to achieve better visibility, though the specific implementation of this potentially massive visual revamp is yet to be properly shown off. Caldera’s ample bushes and assorted vegetation types have been a godsend for many campers setting up traps for traveling players, and this change could mark the end of that particular gameplay tactic.

Of course, vegetation is hardly the only visual issue that’s plagued Warzone since it first came out. One of the most prominent problems with the game were some of its operators, in fact. It wasn’t too long ago that Warzone nerfed Roze’s impeccably camouflaged Rook Operator skin, which had been used as a crutch for quite a long while at that point.

The fact that Activision Blizzard and its studios are continuing to actively update Warzone with no signs of stopping or slowing down is a good sign for its longevity. Even though Warzone 2.0 is supposed to be coming out before the end of 2022, items won’t transfer to the Warzone sequel, and the two games are implied to continue coexisting for some time.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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