Call of Duty: Warzone Players Want This Apex Legends Feature

One Call of Duty: Warzone player suggests an Apex Legends-like approach to the game’s maps, and other fans’ responses show interest in the idea.

It is no secret that Caldera, the latest Call of Duty: Warzone map, has been divisive. As such, it is not too surprising that yet another Call of Duty: Warzone player has suggested bringing back Verdansk – though they want to see this happen in a way that resembles Apex Legends.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Caldera map has drawn criticism for several reasons. Visual bugs have made what should be a gorgeous map an eyesore, while the Gulag arena has essentially become broken due to the number of glitches ruining 1v1 battles. Aside from that, the overall design of Caldera has come under criticism. The map’s points of interest being kept mainly to the corners of the island has seen some players calling it boring, while the amount of foliage has led to an increase in camping. As a result, streamers like Dr Disrespect have suggested removing the map completely, and a recent Reddit post has done the same.


However, instead of simply deleting Caldera from existence, Reddit user and Call of Duty: Warzone player duffwardo has suggested rotating it out for a few months. The player shared an image of Verdansk, Verdansk 84, and Caldera, suggesting that Raven could swap the active map regularly. This has been used to great effect in Apex Legends, as Respawn has consistently kept the game fresh by swapping out Olympus, World’s Edge, and the game’s other full-sized battle royale maps.

Apex Legends’ map rotation has worked wonders for the game, as it always feels like something new is going on. As such, it is not too surprising that the post from duffwardo received over 2,600 upvotes and tons of positive comments. Some, like BitterProgress, joked that their preferred map rotation would be the original Verdansk map on repeat, showing that the removed location remains popular. Others took the chance to criticize Caldera and its map-covering volcano.

While it is true that most of the comments were positive on the idea, believing that a map rotation would improve the Call of Duty: Warzone experience, one criticism is hard to argue against. Several Redditors, such as NoCoolNameDave, called out how massive the game’s file size would be if all the Call of Duty: Warzone maps were kept around. This is a fair concern, as one of the biggest complaints about the game is how much storage space it takes up. With more maps, the file size would likely become laughable, being over 100 GB larger than it already is.

With the other downside to the suggested idea being that two of the three maps are Verdansk, it may be too soon to incorporate a rotation. Once Call of Duty: Warzone’s next map comes, though, perhaps this fan’s well received idea would be a more logical approach for Raven to take.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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