Call of Duty Player Banned from College Esports Program

Multiplayer gaming can be brutal, especially in FPS games like Call of Duty. One minute a player can be on an epic run of results, notching up kills and amassing a kill streak of monumental proportions. However, things can turn just as easily when the losses start piling up and deaths become more frequent than kills.

It’s at these times that trash-talking the opposition can get a little out of hand, which is exactly what happened at a local collegiate Esports match in Miami. In a video posted to Twitter by FiosRay on April 24, 2022, a College Call of Duty League player who has since been identified as Twitter user Qpann_ was seen engaging in a particularly heated exchange during a collegiate Call of Duty match against a rival team.


The video, which was recorded at a Contender Gaming Network event, went viral between two rival Call of Duty: Vanguard teams. Known as ColdFront and Valence, the teams squared off in a match followed soon by a particularly animated bout of trash-talking, involving expletives being hurled at each other after what must have been a pretty intense round on the popular first-person shooter.

Other clips of the raucous have surfaced that show the participants shouting at each other prior to and during the match. In the footage of the trash-talking, onlookers can be heard laughing and giggling at the somewhat ridiculous situation. Despite the state of affairs seemingly coming to a peaceful conclusion after everyone involved had vented their frustrations, the incident has cost one player his place in the Miami University college Esports program.

Qpann_ updated his Twitter followers that Miami University had banned him for “trash talking” another team at the event, which broke the university’s code of conduct for players representing the university during Esports events. Miami University also issued a statement confirming Qpann_ had “breached their agreement” and stated that the “correct course of action was taken.” Despite the ban, Qpann_has since claimed he’s gotten a lot more followers on Twitch after the viral video, and that other schools have reached out in the hope of securing his competitive FPS talents for future Call of Duty Esports competitions.

Collegiate Esports can be a highly competitive environment with many students hoping to rise up through the rankings and potentially forge a career in professional gaming. While trash-talking is commonplace in such highly charged events, some students go beyond trash talk and employ more desperate measures. Just last month a Call of Duty: Vanguard player known as Kenji exposed his own cheating exploits during a tournament, showing just how competitive these events can be if some players are willing to resort to such desperate measures.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: TMZ

Source: Gamerant

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