Bungie Clarifies Leaked Exotic Gear Changes in Destiny 2 Season 23


  • Bungie accidentally updated the descriptions of certain exotic gear items in Destiny 2, revealing upcoming changes to their functionality in Season 23.
  • The leaked information impacted four Hunter exotics and one Titan and Warlock gear each, with new functionality added to their exotic traits.
  • In addition to gear changes, Season 23 will bring major shifts to Destiny 2’s in-game economy, including the phasing out of Legendary Shards and a new way to obtain weapons from specific vendors.

Bungie provides an update to certain exotic gear changes coming in Season 23 after a recent Destiny 2 leak revealed details a little earlier than the studio would have liked. Bungie’s popular online shooter Destiny 2 continues to evolve thanks to seasonal updates, expansions, as well as numerous patches and other updates. Being a live service title, Bungie uses these updates to ensure that Destiny 2 continues to feel fresh, which has gone a long way to helping the shooter retain its massive player population six years after it originally launched.

As is typical for Destiny 2, each new season comes with a massive update full of tweaks, changes, and balancing for gear and weapons, which is then followed by another major mid-season update with additional improvements. With Season of the Witch slowly approaching its end, Bungie has started to talk a bit about what’s coming for Destiny 2 in Season 23 and even a bit further out. Following the recent mid-season update, Bungie accidentally updated the descriptions for a number of exotic gear items like the Shards of Galanor and Karnstein Armlets, giving them added functionality on top of their normal descriptions.

As it turns out, this was indeed an accident as a new post from Bungie on the Destiny subReddit provides a bit of clarity on what happened and what players can expect. First off, the Destiny2Team account wanted to make it clear that the exotic tuning changes are intended to go live starting in Season 23 and what was shown isn’t actually the full list of tweaks. In addition, the description changes are only that, as the exotic items will continue to function as they have been until Season 23 arrives with the actual planned changes. The exceptions here are Young Ahamkara’s Spine and Antaeus Wards, which were altered a bit in the recent Destiny 2 midseason update.

Reaction to the post was met with appreciation from many in the community for the studio quickly keeping the community in the loop while others took the opportunity to request or express their opinions on further changes to Destiny 2 exotic armor. For now, the leaked information impacted four Hunter exotics: ST0MP-EE5, Shards of Galanor, Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves and Celestial Nighthawk. The only Titan exotic listed was Synthoceps, while the Karnstein Armlets was the only Warlock gear impacted for now. The exotic trait description has been updated with new functionality, even though the gear still functions the same way for now.

In addition to exotic gear changes, Season 23 is also introducing a number of major changes to Destiny 2. Legendary Shards, a staple resource in Destiny 2, is going to be phased out entirely, causing a major shift in the in-game economy as well as how players focus weapons and gear from vendors. One such method will be with Banshee-44, the Tower Gunsmith, who will be offering Destiny 2 players new foundry specific weapons each day. With rotating stock each day, players can focus their engrams at Banshee to obtain specific perk rolls on weapons from Suros, Hakke, Veist, and Omolon.

Destiny 2 is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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