Bloodborne Fan Shares Impressive Micolash Cage Head Cosplay

A Bloodborne fan’s cosplay produces a creative recreation of Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, and his eccentric Mensis Cage headwear.

Bloodborne endures as one of FromSoftware’s most inventive and outlandish action-RPG titles. Bloodborne leans into Gothic architecture and a cosmic horror atmosphere that allows it to stand apart from the Dark Souls trilogy’s dark fantasy tropes.

However, Bloodborne maintains one of the FromSoftware community’s favorite aspects of character creation and personalization with different gear sets and attire, gathering assorted gear pieces in order to be fashionable and roleplay in different scenarios as a Hunter or other character archetype from Bloodborne. Recently, a fan has put the finishing touches on a cosplay outfit that resembles one of Bloodborne‘s most infamous and infuriating antagonists.


The fan, who goes by Obscure Mergo on Twitter, has shared their cosplay of Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, complete with a Mensis Cage they have fashioned. Micolash is an arguably tedious boss since the majority of the fight against him resides in a dizzying pursuit throughout corridors in Bloodborne‘s Nightmare of Mensis. The Mensis Cage, a tall, hexagonal contraption situated on Micolash’s head, is described as “a device that restrains the will of the self, allowing one to see the profane world for what it is” in Bloodborne‘s item lore.

Mergo has shared how they went about recreating the game’s iron cage headwear, stating such details as “the horizontal pieces are wooden dowel cut to size and individually hot glued in place.” Indeed, Mergo’s Mensis Cage reproduction bears the same metallic lustre as its fictional counterpart and looks impressively crafted to scale from the original. The Mensis Cage is gifted to players as a reward for defeating Micolash, and players may complete that look for their own custom protagonist characters in Bloodborne with the Student uniform set.

Much like Dark Souls‘ chain mail and heavy armor plating fits its own atmosphere with traditional knights and other fantasy aesthetics, Bloodborne similarly adorns players with attire that is representative of the morbid yet scholarly and inquisitive atmosphere that uniquely identifies it. The Mensis Cage adheres to Bloodborne‘s catalog of bizarre headwear, with pieces such as the Master’s Iron Helm from the Constable set or the Gold Ardeo from the Executioner set.

But that only contributes to Bloodborne‘s unique fashion aesthetics that appropriately suit the surreal, fantastical landscapes that players traverse. Strange NPCs and bosses are encountered in Bloodborne‘s furthest corners and, as more Insight is gained, the player and the character are further immersed into Bloodborne‘s eerie decadence and rich lore.

Bloodborne is available on PS4.

Source: Gamerant

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