Bizarre Pokémon Fan Art Combines Quagsire With Quagmire from Family Guy

A fan artist creates an unusual piece of art showing the salamander-like Pokemon Quagsire crossed with Quagmire from Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy.

Some franchises seem like a perfect fit for a crossover, while others probably shouldn’t touch each other with a ten-foot pole. The generally kid-friendly universe of Pokemon and the world of the Fox animated sitcom Family Guy probably fall into the latter category.

However, there are no such limitations on fan art, especially when it means the artist can make a visual pun. This includes an unusual piece of art showing a cross between the Family Guy character Glen Quagmire and the Pokemon’s Quagsire.


Quagsire is a Generation 2 Water/Ground Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver in 1999. It evolves from the tadpole-like Wooper and vaguely resembles a fat blue salamander. Its English name is, of course, a pun on the word quagmire, referring to a swampy area, though fans disagree on what, if anything, the “sire” portion of its name refers to. Regardless it’s not that surprising someone connected the Pokemon to Family Guy’s Quagmire.

Reddit user The_God_of_Atheists drew the picture and shared it on the Pokemon subreddit. Described by the artist as a “crime against humanity,” the drawing resembles an otherwise typical Quagsire with the face of Family Guy’s Quagmire. Given Quagmire’s characterization in the show, the artwork raises a few uncomfortable questions about how such a creature might come into existence.

Fans on the subreddit were quite amused, with one person suggesting using it as the subreddit’s icon for April Fool’s Day. The top-rated comment referenced Family Guy’s recurring “Who else but Quagmire” bit, with others expanding on the joke in the thread below. A few others took in turns to come up with moves for the Quagmire Quagsire, such a the “Giggity Giggity Giggity Pound.” One person stated they now plan to name their next Quagsire Glenn, with several other Pokemon fans commenting that they thought of the same joke before.

Interestingly, Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver were released in North America about ten months after Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy premiered on Fox at the end of January 1991. This is very likely a coincidence, but it’s not inconceivable that someone on the American localization team decided to sneak a reference into the game. That scenario may be a bit of a reach, but it’s not one that Pokemon fans haven’t made before.

Whether one thinks the Quagmire Quagsire is hilarious or an abomination, most can at least agree that it’s a well-drawn image. Checking The_God_of_Atheists’ user page reveals a few other pieces of fan art, including a Battlestar Galactica webcomic. However, the big-chinned Pokemon Quagsire is definitely one of the fan artist’s more unusual works.

Source: Gamerant

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