Bizarre Minecraft Glitch Duplicates Elytra


  • Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition is more prone to bugs than its Java Edition counterpart, causing frustration for players on console and mobile platforms.
  • A recent glitch in the Java version of Minecraft caused an Elytra to be duplicated, leaving players perplexed about how it happened.
  • Despite the challenges of maintaining stability across multiple platforms, Mojang continues to prioritize bug fixes and has exciting new content in the works, as revealed in the recent Minecraft Live event.

It’s safe to say that Minecraft is no stranger to bugs, but many in the game’s community have been left perplexed after a strange glitch caused an Elytra to be duplicated. The sandbox game’s convoluted code has kept some of Minecraft‘s more technical fans interested for many years now, but the game’s Bedrock Edition has become infamous for its tendency to throw frustrating bugs at players far more frequently than its Java Edition counterpart.

Minecraft is a game that has been gradually built upon for over a decade now, and continues to enjoy regular content updates to this day. Its overwhelming popularity among its earliest days quickly led to it being pushed to new platforms from consoles to mobile devices, and while the original game was built with Java for the PC, Minecraft‘s newer Bedrock Edition is the standard version of the game on console and mobile platforms while also being available on PC, which is developed in a different programming language altogether. This is why the game’s Bedrock version tends to present technical issues not seen in the Java version, and while the two editions certainly have their differences, Mojang is continuing in its efforts to achieve a more cohesive parity between the two.

Bugs in Minecraft can range from sudden and unexplained deaths to incorrect world generation, and even extremely bizarre texture issues in some cases. One player known as Proud-Fisherman3075 encountered a different sort of glitch while exploring the End dimension though, sharing a screenshot of a framed Elytra found aboard an End ship being duplicated multiple times after it was shot with a flaming arrow. Duplicating items in Minecraft has been attempted and successfully achieved through various different methods over the years, but this interaction has left more than a few players confused as to how exactly it was possible. Despite Bedrock Edition’s tendency to display similar kinds of bugs, it seems this particular instance occurred in the Java version.

Combating bugs remains one of Mojang’s priorities as it continues to work on Minecraft, with every new update packing a substantial number of fixes. Maintaining the game’s stability across various platforms presents a challenge which detracts from the team’s ability to bring in new features, though. As a result, some fans have been left feeling underwhelmed by the amount of content the game has received across some of its most recent updates.

While fans have seen various exciting potential features scrapped in the past, the team behind Minecraft have shown that they have no shortage of ideas to share. Mojang has recently revealed details regarding upcoming content for Minecraft in the recent Minecraft Live event, which not only teased a few of the features on the horizon, but also confirmed the winner of Minecraft‘s 2023 community mob vote.

Minecraft is available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and most legacy platforms.

Source: Gamerant

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