Bethesda Thinks Starfield Fans Are Going to ‘Lose Their Minds’ When They Play the Game

Bethesda veteran Emil Pagliarulo reveals in an interview that the game studio’s newest IP Starfield is going to cause fans to ‘lose their minds.’

Starfield‘s release is fast approaching, and the hype is still going strong. Recently, Emil Pagliarulo, a veteran at Bethesda Studios and lead designer on Starfield, gave players some insight on the process in an interview saying the game will cause them to “lose their minds.”

Emil Pagliarulo has been at Bethesda Studios for 19 years and has a lot to show for it. From starting out working on Morrowind‘s Bloodmoon expansion to Fallout 76 and now Starfield, his work speaks for itself and his passion for making video games. Starfield is the newest RPG from Bethesda, first announced back in 2018. It’s the game studio’s first new IP in about 20 years.


In an interview on Bethesda’s official website, Pagliarulo goes over his career at the game studio over the 19 years he’s worked there and everything he loves about being a game designer. When asked about Starfield he talks about how the game has grown since the beginning of development. He is quoted as saying the game has come to a point where he and his team are thinking, “Yeah. This is… something really special. Players are going to lose their minds.” He goes on to say that he’s inspired by the team and very proud of their passion and work on the game, shining a positive light on the future of Bethesda.

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There isn’t a lot that is known about Starfield, but fans do know that much like Skyrim and Fallout there will be companions and factions, so there will be familiar territory to be found as well as some new things. Pagliarulo mentions in the interview that he and the whole team have been inspired by other games they’ve played. Some examples he cites for his own inspiration are Spiderman, Cyberpunk, and Thief. He praises Cyberpunk specifically for the massive, open-ended environment in the game that is Night City. This paints an interesting picture of what cool elements could be integrated into Starfield’s world and gameplay.

This interview goes into Pagliarulo’s career at Bethesda, including one of his favorite moments when they had a child visiting the company from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He speaks about giving this child a replica of a Skyrim weapon and watching his eyes light up. There isn’t a lot about Starfield in this interview, but fans could get more from information about Starfield at E3 2022 later this year.

The devs have spoken about the story and the world of Starfield, and this interview with Pagliarulo brings an interesting image of what games the team is inspired by. There is passion behind the scenes, and it’s undeniable how much love has been put into this game.

Starfield releases on November 11, 2022, for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Bethesda

Source: Gamerant

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