Bethesda Steam Migration Causes Some Players to Lose DLC, More

Some attempting to migrate their game libraries from the Bethesda Launcher to Steam aren’t receiving all of their purchases afterward.

Bethesda is now fully owned by Microsoft and a victim of that acquisition is the Bethesda Launcher, the company’s PC platform akin to EA’s Origin and Ubisoft’s Connect. Microsoft is shutting the Bethesda Launcher down, but before that happens it’s allowing users to convert their purchases over to Steam. The process, however, is not going smoothly for every Bethesda Launcher user. Some are reporting that some of their purchases aren’t correctly showing up on Steam.


Users are having a range of issues converting their Bethesda Launcher purchases to Steam, unfortunately. Most of the issues have to do with converting games that have multiple versions available, or specific DLC and microtransactions that don’t convert simply. But the largest issue appears to be a complete inability to connect the Bethesda Launcher to Steam in order to transfer games in the first place.

An error reading “Account linking failed. Please retry or contact Customer Support for assistance.” is being seen by a number of users. Some have found that the issue is that they have a different Bethesda Launcher account already connected to their Steam account. For example, some created an account to play Quake Champions and then forgot about it in the years since. They had to figure out the account details of their second Bethesda Launcher account, log in, disconnect it from their Steam account, and then connect their new main Bethesda Launcher account instead.

More specific game issues include Fallout 76 users who started playing on the free game trial, but later upgraded to the full version, only seeing the game trial after conversion. Doom Eternal players are seeing a variety of issues, including incorrect editions, DLC not transferring, and the game not transferring at all. Elder Scrolls Online players are also seeing their expansion purchases not convert. And then there are regional issues where certain games aren’t available on Steam but were on Bethesda Launcher, like Quake 3 Arena in Germany.

Bethesda is active on social media, responding to issues with requests for further information or direction toward solutions where available. It’s a level of activity that seems to meet the occasion. Also, while the Bethesda Launcher goes offline on May 11, users will be able to continue transferring their content afterward with no final date yet confirmed.

This is certainly a challenging situation for both Bethesda Launcher users and the development team behind the Bethesda Launcher. Converting an entire platform over to a new one was never going to be simple. Those experiencing issues should reach out to Bethesda as they’re able and, hopefully, in time everything will be fully converted to Steam.

Source: Gamerant

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