Beat Saber is Getting a New Block Type

The developers of Beat Saber give players a new gameplay preview of the new sliding block type for their popular music-rhythm VR game.

Because of development studio Beat Games’ support for its player-base, Beat Saber is a game that is continually expanding. The constant influx of player-generated content breathes life into this game, and the developers are now about to expand their game even further.

Beat Saber not only continues to expand in its content, but the developers put in the time to keep improving the gameplay. In fact, the developers released a preview for players to sink their teeth into by showing off a new block type.


Beat Games took to Twitter and uploaded a 34-second video clip showcasing Beat Saber‘s upcoming free content: the sliding block. This clip shows that players will need to slide their saber in a particular pattern for a period of time. To act as a guide, these blocks also come with faint lines that direct players where their saber is supposed to land. While Beat Saber‘s future official song packs will feature this new block type, as well as being available for players creating custom beat-maps for free, Beat Games will not update the game’s default song list with this new block because it’s a new type, not a conversion.

Beat Saber is about slicing various blocks to the tune of music from the likes of Linkin Park or even to the entirety of the Shrek soundtrack. By adding another type of block to Beat Saber, Beat Games is giving players another mean of interacting with this popular VR music-rhythm game. Future songs, player-generated or official, will have another layer of depth to them, especially since these blocks require a certain degree of precision. Currently, Beat Games has not given a release date for this update

The fact that Beat Saber will not see an update to older songs might disappoint some players. Simple changes to older content helps to add even more longevity to a game that has a reliance on player-generated content. Even Beat Saber‘s third-person mode is valuable because of the entertainment value it brings to viewers. However, some players might prefer that the older songs stay the same. Regardless, blocks are indispensable to Beat Saber.

Beat Saber is forging a path that other VR games will inevitably follow, and new features open up new possibilities for fans to have fun with. This new block will help revolutionize the game, and Beat Saber will continue to see free content that will build upon what Beat Games has established. Fans of Beat Saber have much to look forward to, and with the PSVR2 announced, the idea of the game potentially taking advantage of the new platform is exciting.

Beat Saber is now available on Oculus, PC, and PS4.

Source: Gamerant

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