Batman: Arkham Knight Player Hilariously Finds and Shoots Arkham Knight at Ace Chemicals

A Batman: Arkham Knight player finds a character’s hidden appearance, similar to Batman: Arkham City’s Azrael, and hilariously interacts with it.

Anyone who has played through Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham franchise is surely accustomed to dissociated voice narrations constantly coming through Batman’s cowl communications. Whether it is the Joker, Oracle, Alfred, or anyone whose communications players have hacked into with the cryptographic sequencer, there is almost always a voice that speaks to Batman.

Batman: Arkham Knight is no different, as the titular antagonist hacks into Batman’s communications while Scarecrow transmits his monologues through Gotham City’s many PA speakers and displays. While players are probably used to these voices coming from somewhere random or distant in Batman: Arkham Knight, the Arkham Knight has been discovered in a sequence that players may not have known or expected that he could be found.


This Arkham Knight spotting is similar to the discovery that Azrael could be seen on a nearby rooftop in the introduction to Batman: Arkham City. As shown by LzysGraphics, the Arkham Knight is visible on the roof of Ace Chemicals. Batman arrives at Ace Chemicals in Batman: Arkham Knight to thwart Scarecrow’s production of fear toxin while also taking on the Arkham Knight’s abundant militia personnel. However, the Knight is actually visible on the roof while players battle mini-tanks and a chopper drone.

This is a neat detail that many players may have easily missed when they are distracted by a hectic mini-boss fight. Hilariously, LzsyGraphics aims upward at the Knight and fires at him with the Batmobile’s Vulcan Gun before returning to the actual fight. Fans can see that the Arkham Knight’s character model in this sequence not only reacts to the shot fired, but also has destructible armor or helmet plating that shatters upon impact.

LzysGraphics has shared different perspectives of this interaction; the zoom-in on the Arkham Knight is also shown in a perspective that is left without the magnification to show what it looks like regularly in gameplay. The Arkham Knight is flung backward off the roof, demonstrating that he can be interacted with in this sequence even though he appears to clip into view from nowhere. Of course, this hidden interaction in Batman: Arkham Knight does not have any impact on the rest of the game, so it is surprising that it is possible at all.

Nonetheless, it is hysterical that LzysGraphics chose to fire upon the Arkham Knight after having spotted him from so far away, and it only adds to all the discoveries that Batman: Arkham players have made thus far.

Batman: Arkham Knight is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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