Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sephiroth and Kazuya Amiibo Get Release Date

Nintendo has just revealed the release dates for the amiibo of two Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters, Sephiroth and Kazuya. For fans of the Nintendo fighting video game, and these specific playable characters, they can expect to see the amiibos in retail stores and online early next year by January 2023. Most of the…

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You can now pet Geralt’s horse in The Witcher 3, and it’s about time

The Witcher 3’s free next-gen patch is out now, and it brings an awful lot to the game in the way of dramatically enhanced graphics, improved gameplay, additional content, and bug fixes. The most important change, though, doesn’t appear in the patch notes (opens in new tab). You can now pet Roach. I first heard about…

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Elden Ring Player Shows Off Judge Judy Build

One Elden Ring player shares a video showing their character based on Judge Judy from the popular reality courtroom series of the same name. One Elden Ring player made their character based on Judge Judy from the famous reality court show. Elden Ring recently launched a new update called 1.08, which brought a host of…

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Starfield’s faction quests will play more like Skyrim than Fallout 4

A central element of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls RPGs is that you, the player, can become the head of virtually every organization in the game. Seriously, if you aren’t sitting atop the magic guild, the fighter’s guild, the thieves’ guild, and the local murder club by the end of the game, were you really even trying? …

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Final Fantasy 7 Reveals Giant Plush Buster Sword Giveaway

In celebration of the release of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, Square Enix has unveiled a one-of-a-kind, life-size Buster Sword plush that’s being given away. One lucky Final Fantasy 7 fan will come away with the most huggable Buster Sword around, while runner-ups will come away with a monetary prize of their own. Final…

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These super-thin flexible solar cells turn fabrics into solar panels

With the power demand of gaming continuing to rise, renewable energy is even more important. And not only from an environmental perspective—having solar panels on my house is half the reason I can afford to run all my weird electronics. We can even potentially harness energy from any heat source using inverted solar panels (opens…

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More Than Four Million People Have Played Stray on PlayStation

Hot on the paws of its success at this year’s Game Awards, indie game Stray could be celebrating another impressive achievement on PlayStation. Stray has now been played by millions of people all over the world, at least according to some recently released data from Sony. This follows on the heels of being nominated for…

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Why do relaxing farming life sims stress me out so much?

What kind of game makes you rage quit the most? Maybe it’s a multiplayer shooter where some weasel drops you with a headshot from across the map, or a punishing combat-focused RPG where a nearly-defeated boss abruptly grows a second health bar before pancaking you with a giant hammer, or an unforgiving platformer that makes…

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Smogon Considering Banning Terastallization From Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Competitive

Smogon, the home of competitive Pokemon battling, unveils a public vote to decide the fate of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Terastallization mechanic. Smogon, the most popular online battling community for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, is considering outright banning Terastallization from its most popular tier, OverUsed. Though Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Terastallization mechanic makes for more…

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Elon Musk sells yet another $3.58 billion of Tesla shares

Elon Musk has sold another $3.5 billion in Tesla shares, according to a form filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission today. Since November 2021, the high point of Tesla’s share price, Musk has sold more than $39 billion of shares, The Wall Street Journal reports. Musk last filed with the SEC about Tesla share…

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