Elden Ring Invader Uses Merchant’s Horse as a Shield

Invaders can be a hassle in Elden Ring. This can be especially true if they have NPCs that can be used to protect themselves. One player has learned this the hard way, as they try to defeat an invader after they decide to use a merchant’s horse as a shield. Invaders are a staple in…

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After $600 million crypto heist, Axie Infinity team raises $150 million and launches another NFT game

Last week Sky Mavis, the Vietnam-based company behind the crypto game Axie Infinity, revealed that a hacker stole hundreds of millions of dollars worth of crypto from its blockchain. Sky Mavis realized it had been attacked when a user could not make a withdrawal six days after the breach, and the company froze transactions on…

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Get £40 off this Corsair PC bundle with RTX 3070 Ti

Graphics cards were hit especially hard during the chip shortage and pandemic, and while the prices for some of the best cards around are coming down (opens in new tab), it can still be battle to catch that purchase with availability. Thanks to the shortages, prebuilds and bundles have been more popular than ever, and…

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Funny Elden Ring Clip Shows How Soulsborne Veterans Approach the Game’s Elevator Rides

Veteran FromSoftware fans know what secrets and tricks to look out for in Elden Ring, with one player demonstrating how they approach elevator lifts. Once fans have played two or more FromSoftware titles, they will start to notice the idiosyncrasies that occur frequently and continue to appear in Elden Ring. Even if players were to…

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GOG is returning to its ‘Good Old Games’ roots

In 2012, the online retailer formerly known as Good Old Games rebranded itself as GOG and began selling current releases, while promising to remain committed to DRM-free distribution and the absence of regional pricing. While GOG continued adding older games to the catalogue, they sat alongside more up-to-date releases. (A look at the banner on…

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Publisher 110 Industries Hints at Possible Shenmue 4 Deal

When Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki appeared at the beginning of 110 Industries’ Tokyo Game Show presentation late last year, most people watching probably didn’t bat an eyelid. For fans of the Shenmue series, however, Yu Suzuki’s prominent inclusion in the 40-minute showcase video raised some interesting questions, the most common of which was “why?” Prior…

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Save $800 on this RTX 3080-powered gaming desktop

The Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 is one of the best gaming PCs (opens in new tab) you can buy, and right now the Aurora R10 is $1,960 at (opens in new tab), $810 off its MSRP. The best part is there isn’t much lead time on the order, so you can be playing…

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Elden Ring Fan Makes Character That Looks Like Darth Sidious From Star Wars

An Elden Ring player manages to create Darth Sidious using the character creator, leading to a terrifying lightning-wielding character. With multiple most anticipated game awards as well as holding the top spot among Steam wishlisted games, Elden Ring had built up a ton of hype preceding its release date. Now, with a month in the…

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Whoa, Remedy is remaking Max Payne 1 and 2

Here’s some news that genuinely caught us off guard today: Remedy is remaking third-person shooter masterpieces Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. The remade Paynes will be distributed as one package, and aren’t likely to be released anytime soon. Remedy says that the project is in “the concept development stage.” …

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Elden Ring Glitch May Let Some Players Walk on Lava

A possible Elden Ring glitch discussed on Reddit may allow players to run across lava, but it’s proving extremely hard for some players to replicate. Gamers have long embarked on an endless quest to find exploitable glitches in their favorite titles. This is as true of FromSoftware fans as any others, and Elden Ring is…

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