Apex Legends’ fantastic new Control mode has one killer problem

Here’s the deal: I absolutely adore Apex Legends’ new 9v9 Control limited-time mode. In the week-plus-change since it was released, everything I said in my preview holds true: it’s the chill, low-stakes casual shootout Apex always needed, and has comfortably fit into my rotation as a warm-up before I plunge into ranked lobbies. It is…

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Lost Ark Not Available in Belgium, The Netherlands, and South Africa

Gamers around the world seem to be enjoying Lost Ark, however, it turns out that the game is not available in a few countries. Lost Ark was recently released in North America and Europe after being available in South Korea since 2019. Gamers around the world have embraced Lost Ark as the game has been…

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Getting started with Zoom on the Echo Show

Zoom meetings are a part of everyday life for many of us. Whether you’re a middle schooler learning remotely or an executive with back-to-back meetings, or if it’s just that your book club still meets virtually, most of us have to grapple with the video conference company at some point in our week. Having another…

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Here’s what it would be like to date Dark Souls’ bosses

It’s Valentine’s Day. The day where couples get to celebrate their love for one another and where the rest of us look forward to maybe, just maybe, finding someone that tolerates our bullshit. I promise that I’m not bitter about being single. I pinky promise, in fact. So as a laugh, I’m going to write…

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Mass Effect Fan Makes Reapers Out of LEGO

A Mass Effect fan creates a smaller, cuter version of the galaxy-destroying antagonists of the series, the Reapers, using LEGO. The Mass Effect series has captured gamers’ attention since the first game was released back in 2008. Though the franchise is well over a decade old now, that hasn’t stopped fans showing their love for…

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No, The New York Times did not make Wordle harder

Wordle — the viral daily word guessing game that was recently bought by The New York Times — has been on a tear in the past few days. Brainteasers like “ULTRA,” “ULCER,” and “ALOFT” have appeared, frustrating players, many of whom have taken to Twitter to complain that the game’s new owners are intentionally amping…

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UK retailer Game does edgelord Valentine’s ad ‘joking’ about domestic violence, immediately withdraws it

The UK retailer Game is still holding on, the last significant specialist games shop left standing in the country’s high streets. Game also sells online and, as every brand does these days, has a variety of social media accounts that hop onto whatever the day’s big topic is, and link the firm’s wares in somehow….

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Star Citizen Shows Off HoverQuad Vehicle

Star Citizen is adding a brand new terrestrial vehicle type to the game: the speedy and agile HoverQuad from Consolidated Outland. Star Citizen is nothing if not a playground for all sorts of sci-fi vehicular technologies, and though starships and the like usually get all the attention, there’s more stuff for players to dig their…

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Snapchat will put ads within stories and share the money with creators

Snapchat is introducing a new way for creators on the app to earn money. The platform is testing mid-roll ads that appear in the Stories of a small group of US creators, with a wider rollout happening in the coming months. When an ad is placed within a Snap Star’s Story, Snapchat will share the…

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Vampire Survivors is a screen-clearing thrillride with carpet-bombing doves

Vampire Survivors is one of those games that has absolutely no right being as good as it is. The entire thing is controlled using WASD. It’s a genre we’ve all been playing for decades—top-down shooter—with an art style heavily indebted to Konami’s Castlevania. Even the name isn’t particularly arresting. But if you judge something by…

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