DirecTV Stream and satellite TV are raising their prices next month

DirecTV’s satellite and Stream services are getting price increases in January — hikes that the company attributed to rising programming costs as well as “higher-than-normal inflation across our suppliers.” Beginning January 23rd of next year, customers of both groups are likely to see their bills increase — though specifically by how much will depend on…

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Is this what Arma 4 will look like? Bohemia Interactive reveals new engine

Bohemia Interactive, the creator of DayZ and the Arma series, has unveiled its new engine—”Enfusion”—with a public website and a video showcasing its impressive capabilities. The studio confirmed that “any potential new Arma game” will be built in this engine. Bohemia’s shooters have a strong simulation bent, with complex systems married to impressive (and taxing)…

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Restaurant is Giving Free Food to Genshin Impact Players With Itto

Arataki Itto, the latest addition to the growing cast of Genshin Impact, is getting those fortunate enough to roll him a free meal. Genshin Impact remains a phenomenon, holding a devoted player base thanks to its characters, combat, open world, and gacha mechanics. While Genshin Impact players want better drop rates for endgame content, many…

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The Verge’s favorite holiday gifts under $50

Music Genius Playing Cards Music lovers will love this classic set of playing cards, with musicians like Freddie Mercury, Beyonce, Prince, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Bjork, and more. The set even splits up genres into four suits: pop; rock; folk and country; and soul, blues, and R&B. Price: $10 Amazon Uncommon Goods Google Nest Mini…

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How to get Spider-Man’s web shooters in Fortnite, and how to use them

Spider-Man’s web shooters have arrived in Fortnite Chapter 3, and they offer up one of the greatest ways to get around the map, escape from a firefight, or just goof a few dozen meters into the air. Spider-Man’s web shooters are also a new mythic item, so they’re a bit tricky to find. Lucky for…

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Halo Infinite Fanart Imagines Spartan Locke on Zeta Halo

Spartan Locke doesn’t appear in Halo Infinite’s campaign, but one fan imagines just what he is up to on Zeta Halo in a gorgeous piece of artwork. There were many questions leading into Halo Infinite‘s campaign regarding how important the previous games’ plot points would be, especially whether Spartan Locke would appear. Now that Halo…

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Amazon Luna runs on Windows — and yet it’s hiring Linux gaming engineers

When Amazon’s cloud gaming service Luna launched last October, the fact it ran on Windows set it apart. Unlike Google Stadia, it wouldn’t necessarily need to convince developers to painstakingly port their games to an unproven platform. But it now appears that Amazon is considering a shift to Linux-based servers, too — the company is…

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The Sims competitor Paralives shows off its highly flexible character creator

I’m keeping a close eye on Paralives, which could wind up being a competitor to the uncontested life simulation juggernaut that is The Sims 4. Paralives is still in prealpha, with no announced release date, but the Paralives team gives us occasional glimpses at some of its features in development, like housebuilding, which we saw…

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Halo Infinite Update Addresses Campaign Cosmetic and Achievement Unlock Issues

The Halo Infinite Campaign has been out for a week now, and while many have been enjoying themselves, others have been encountering some pesky bugs. 343 Industries has released a hotfix that should address some of these pressing Halo Infinite issues, including syncing of campaign armor unlocks and buggy Achievement pops. While the Halo Infinite…

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Ray-Ban Stories get software update adding Facebook Messenger support

The Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses are getting the ability to let you send and receive Facebook Messenger messages right from your face, according to a Wednesday post by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He says that the features being rolled out are just the beginning for the product, which was made in partnership with eyewear titan…

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