Pokimane Explains Why It’s ‘Weird’ to Talk About Her Relationships on Stream

Pokimane is finally really talking about why she tends to skirt around any sort of talk about whether or not she’s in a relationship on stream. Twitch streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys often talks about a wide variety of different topics when she’s streaming. However, the one aspect of her life that she doesn’t like talking…

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This DIY ultracompact computer has a mechanical keyboard

There aren’t a lot of ultra-portable handheld PCs anymore, outside of the GDP pocket and its gaming-focused successors. With tablets, smartphones, and even handhelds like the Steam Deck diluting the marketable needs of owning a laptop, there isn’t much space for mini laptops beyond the simple joy of owning a fun-sized version of a traditional…

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game studio says it doesn’t want to ‘make the same game twice’

The makers of 2017’s Friday The 13th game are taking another crack at the asymmetrical horror format with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The new game will have a similar format to both Friday the 13th and its popular competitor Dead By Daylight, but developer Gun Interactive is making one big change: instead of a…

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Dying Light 2 Trick Lets Players Get Through Locked Doors Easily

With players traversing the ruins of Villedor while trying to survive both the undead and hostile factions, any tricks to use inside of Dying Light 2 are sure to be welcome. The parkour-centric traversal lends itself to finding these little tricks in the game, along with other abilities and gear which supplement the game’s emphasis…

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Judge orders the release of alleged Bitcoin launderer Razzlekhan on bail

On Monday, a judge ruled that Heather Morgan, aka Razzlekhan, should be released on bail after she and her husband were arrested for allegedly helping to launder billions of dollars worth of stolen Bitcoin. Morgan and her husband Ilya “Dutch” Lichtenstein were already granted bail last week by another judge, but the government got an…

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A new report on Roblox reveals how hackers and scammers are continuing to rip off kids

In December 2021, the YouTube channel People Make Games shared new allegations claiming that the game and game-creation platform Roblox is unsafe for kids—its primary audience. For anyone not tuned into the Roblox scene, it was eye-opening: Literal children being swindled out of sometimes large amounts of money and work, a situation that Roblox appeared…

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Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Colored Pencil Drawing of ‘Near Mint’ Charmander Card

After collecting a ‘near mint’ Charmander card, one talented artist decides to create a realistic drawing of the card, making it look almost 3D. First making an appearance in Pokemon Red and Blue, Charmander is a Gen 1 Pokemon and one of the older species in the series. It is categorized as Fire-type starter Pokemon…

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Instagram Stories are getting likes so you can respond without sending a DM

Instagram is rolling out a new feature it calls Private Story Likes, which lets you like somebody’s Insta Story without sending them a DM. Previously, any response you sent to someone about a Story — whether it was an emoji or a full-on message — showed up as a response in their DM inbox; with…

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew has been suddenly delisted

Ubisoft’s virtual reality take on Star Trek has been delisted on Steam and the Oculus Store. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a cooperative VR game that tasks players with collaborating on the upkeep of the Enterprise. James had a lot of fun with it back in 2017, and while it was definitely built for VR…

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Children of Morta Update Finally Adds Online Co-Op

The video game Children of Morta receives a new free update that will be adding online co-op to the game for players to use. Children of Morta is an RPG game with roguelike elements where players join the Bergson family in Mount Morta as they defend their land and loved ones against an evil Corruption…

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