Steam Simfest: Hobby Edition offers great deals on games that are like jobs

The Steam Simfest: Hobby Edition kicked off yesterday with some sweet deals on sims of all kinds. The week-long online event will also include a host of game demos, developer livestreams, gameplay sessions, and more. The interesting thing about “sim” as a genre is that it covers a huge amount of ground—simulating other activities is…

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Rumor: Call of Duty Could Be Launching Its Own Subscription Service

A recent job posting suggests Activision may be prepping up to launch its own subscription service centered around Call of Duty content. One of the biggest gaming franchises in the world, Call of Duty, might be getting ready for its next big update. A new Activision job posting hints at a possible subscription service on…

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A hacker stole $625 million from the blockchain behind NFT game Axie Infinity

Roughly $625 million worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen from Ronin, the blockchain underlying popular crypto game Axie Infinity. Ronin and Axie Infinity operator Sky Mavis revealed the breach on Tuesday and froze transactions on the Ronin bridge, which allows depositing and withdrawing funds from the company’s blockchain. Sky Mavis says it’s working with law…

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Close Combat 5 remains a brilliant wargame two decades later

During the frigid Canadian winters, the forest behind my house became a battlefield. Every night I’d meet my friends there and distribute our collection of toy guns and then we’d re-enact the scenes we had seen in war movies. I vividly remember sitting in the snow, back against a tree, pretending I was pinned down…

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PS Plus Extra and Premium Confirm 6 Huge Games for Launch

Sony doesn’t reveal all the games coming with PS Plus Extra and Premium, but it does confirm six big titles that will be available at launch. Following months of rumors, leaks, and speculation, Sony finally pulled the curtain back on its revamped PlayStation Plus service. Starting sometime in June, Sony will be combining its PlayStation…

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Climate campaign pushes Bitcoin network to drop energy-hungry code

Greenpeace and other environmental groups launched a new campaign today to push the Bitcoin network to slash its growing greenhouse gas emissions. The goal of the campaign, dubbed “Change the code, not the climate,” is to switch up the energy-hungry process of verifying transactions and mining new Bitcoins. The cryptocurrency uses more electricity annually than…

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Razer Kraken V3 Pro review

The brand-new Kraken V3 Pro is practically identical to the Razer Kraken V3 HyperSense. They share the same handsome design, excellent audio, comfort, and 50mm Triforce drivers. The Pro does have a slightly better mic, but that’s about it. This means that for better or for worse, they share all the highs and lows that…

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Ukrainian Studio Frogwares Releasing Sherlock Holmes Switch Port Despite Russian Invasion

Frogwares is a Ukrainian game development studio known for its numerous Sherlock Holmes games, along with The Sinking City, which released in 2019. The studio’s headquarters is in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, which is currently at the center of a fierce fight for control as the Russian Invasion of Ukraine continues. Understandably, being located…

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How to use your phone as a two-factor authentication security key

If you want to verify your Google login and make it harder to access by anyone but yourself (always a good idea), one way is to use your iPhone or Android smartphone as a physical security key. While you can set up a third-party 2FA app such as Authy or even use Google’s own Authenticator,…

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Here are all the legendary armaments in Elden Ring

There are nine legendary armaments in Elden Ring and they are the most powerful weapons you can get in the Lands Between. While it’s perfectly reasonable to beat the game without ever picking one up, completionists out there might be keen to know where to find them as locating each one rewards an achievement. Just…

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