Atrioc Reaches Top 1,000 Players in Age of Empires 4

During a recent Twitch stream, Atrioc completes some pivotal Age of Empires 4 competitive matches in order to reach the top 1,000 players.

Several Twitch streamers are known for playing at the higher levels of competitive play and Twitch streamer Brandon “Atrioc” Ewing recently reached an impressive milestone in Age of Empires 4. Streaming to a live audience, Atrioc discovered that he ranks within the top 1,000 players.

During a recent Twitch stream, Atrioc was checking his Age of Empires 4 global rank while donning a Spartan helmet, finding that his rank finally breached the top 1,000 players after much difficulty. The Twitch streamer found his new rank to be 975, putting him a little bit over several others who have doubtlessly done a similar grind to get there. Atrioc showed the entire Age of Empires 4 rank progression on screen from when he first played the game to his noteworthy top 1,000 achievement.


“We did it!” screamed Atrioc during his rank reveal livestream. “We topped 1,000 baby!” Atrioc then stood and cheered in excitement for his new Age of Empires 4 ranking, laughing with glee. The Twitch streamer who was banned not long ago then reflected on his arduous process in getting to the top 1,000 players of Age of Empires from his humble beginnings to where he is today. His live followers who witnessed the moment cheered on Atrioc, while the clip of this celebration has been seen by over 18,000 Twitch community members.

Atrioc began his journey to the high ranking in Age of Empires 4 on November 14 of this year and he’s maintained a steady climb upwards ever since. The Twitch streamer who recently leaked a conversation about the RFLCT controversy only really showed two notable dips in rank around the date of November 28. Atrioc saw his first spike in Age of Empires 4 rank shortly after learning the basics of the game, but he saw a major increase around the beginning of December which is also when he achieved rank 975. Putting Atrioc within the top 1,000 Age of Empires 4 players shows his quick ability to learn the Relic Entertainment game.

It took Atrioc 100 days and many more games to reach rank 975 and he did most of it in front of his Twitch audience. Atrioc has maintained a roleplay experience during his road to where his rank is today, as he began his Age of Empires 4 experience roleplaying as a Chinese General. China is considered one of the best offensive Age of Empires 4 civilizations, which has matched Atrioc’s strategy in rising in rank so quickly.

Although Atrioc has had some intense games where victory nearly fell from his grasp, the final Age of Empires 4 game that he completed was apparently anticlimactic. His final victory was an early forfeit from his opponent which was seemingly less exciting for Atrioc himself than the rank reveal. It’s currently unclear if Atrioc intends to continue climbing the ranks or not, but he’s known for conquering other titles like Hitman 3 and the Hitman Trilogy before moving on to other games.

Age of Empires 4 is available for PC right now.

Source: Gamerant

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