Asmongold Explains Why He Will Never ‘Sell Out’ and Do Gambling Streams

This past week, Twitch streamer xQc began streaming gambling once more on his channel despite previously condemning it and promising he’d never return to gambling on-stream. This has led to a broader conversation across Twitch about not only xQc, but the morality of streaming gambling and the morality of allowing gambling streams on Twitch at all. Another successful Twitch streamer, Asmongold, offered his own thoughts on the subject during a recent broadcast.


Asmongold has been extremely critical of gambling broadcasts in the past, making him one of the most prominent voices on the platform pushing for Twitch to change its rules regarding sponsored gambling streams. During a recent stream, Asmongold was asked by his chat why he’s not interested in taking a gambling sponsorship. The Twitch streamer’s response was first to reiterate that he has no interest or plans to do sponsored gambling streams, even if a sponsor offered “$20 million a month.”

Surprisingly, Asmongold’s reason for having no interest in a gambling sponsorship isn’t idealistic, despite his prior public stance on the subject. Rather, his point of view is driven by business decisions, or as Asmongold puts it, his “ego.” Asmongold says that he plans to “make content for the rest of [his] life.” For Asmongold, that means that his priority is maintaining his reputation as a streamer and business owner to ensure his future success.

He doesn’t clearly say it, but Asmongold does associate gambling streams with moral judgment. Specifically, he’s saying that doing a sponsored gambling Twitch stream would hurt his reputation, even if he doesn’t go into why he feels that way in this stream. It’s an odd framing for someone who has been much more direct about their feelings regarding gambling streams in the past.

Punctuating Asmongold’s newfound attitude toward gambling streams, the Twitch streamer says that gambling is actually “not bad content.” He then elaborated, saying that if it were bad content, it wouldn’t lead to such popular and successful streams. This tracks with Asmongold’s recent defense of xQc, in which he said “don’t hate the player, hate the game” and followed that up by saying that maybe gambling should be made illegal if so many people were “malding.”

Asmongold’s position on gambling streams is perhaps less clear than it has been in the past. Asmongold himself won’t do it, and he refuses to condemn other streamers for it — even in cases where wealthy, admitted gambling addicts like xQc are participating. But Asmongold does seem open to – if not supportive of – Twitch or government-based regulation of gambling to one degree or another. It is, and remains, a complex issue.

Source: Gamerant

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