Asmongold Criticizes YouTube Gaming

Twitch streamer Asmongold harshly criticizes YouTube Gaming as a streaming platform, saying that even Mixer was better than YouTube.

It’s not uncommon for content creators to share their thoughts regarding the current most popular streaming platforms, which are Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. However, it’s a lot rarer for someone to outright criticize a platform that they aren’t a part of, perhaps so they don’t burn any bridges. Yet that’s what Twitch streamer Asmongold did during a recent broadcast. Asmongold harshly criticized YouTube Gaming, even going so far as to say that the now-defunct Mixer was better than YouTube.


Asmongold’s comments came as a result of watching a Ludwig video in which Ludwig comments on YouTube Gaming’s “discoverability,” the ease with which potential new viewers are able to find channels they like but otherwise don’t know about. Ludwig, despite being contracted with YouTube Gaming, is anything but complimentary of the platform’s discoverability for streamers. Asmongold, believing that Ludwig is holding back due to his contract, decides to voice what he believes Ludwig is really trying to say.

YouTube Gaming’s discoverability, its “Live” section where streamers can be found, is “garbage” according to Asmongold. “It is probably the worst thing I’ve seen ever,” shows just how strongly Asmongold feels about YouTube Gaming, assumedly referring to landing pages for streaming platforms. If that wasn’t far enough, Asmongold says that YouTube Gaming isn’t even as good as Mixer and Mixer is “in the toilet.”

If YouTube’s business revolved around streaming, Asmongold says he thinks that it would be “in the dumpster.” Asmongold is basically saying that YouTube gaming would have followed Mixer’s demise if it didn’t have its video content and Alphabet behind that to support it. That’s how much Asmongold believes that discovery is important to a streaming platform, or perhaps just how badly Asmongold believes YouTube Gaming is handling discovery for game streaming at the moment.

It isn’t that Asmongold is insulting YouTube Gaming just to insult it, though it certainly engages his Twitch audience. Instead, he’s pressing YouTube Gaming to make improvements to its livestreaming landing page and its overall discovery for gaming channels. Asmongold is wielding his popularity on Twitch as a bludgeon, hoping that YouTube Gaming will be unhappy with the negative attention and feel forced to make some changes.

What’s also interesting about Asmongold’s comments is that, at the heart of it, it’s a streamer supporting other streamers even across platforms. Asmongold is a Twitch streamer watching a YouTube Gaming streamer’s video and supporting their criticism in an effort to improve YouTube Gaming for more streamers. It’s an encouraging effort of solidarity between Twitch and YouTube.

Source: Gamerant

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