Asmongold Criticizes Diablo 4 Druid Class

Asmongold criticized the druid class in Diablo 4 during one of his latest streams. He looked at videos of fellow streamers, and based on various builds and opinions, he has formed his own take as well when it comes to druid class builds in Diablo 4.

Asmongold has shared his thoughts about Diablo 4 at every step of the way since the release of the open beta. While sharing his initial impressions, he rated the game 8.5 out of 10, saying Diablo 4 is good at what it does, but it’s not groundbreaking. He has also reacted to the opinions of several other streamers and gamers over the past few days and defended Diablo 4 from various criticism that’s been levied against the game design. Asmongold also predicts Diablo 4 is going to enjoy huge success when it comes to sales based on engagement during the open beta. At the same time, he also agreed with plenty of criticisms, such as the mechanics around getting stunned. His latest criticism was pointed toward the druid class.


On TikTok, he posted a short video, criticizing the early build of the druid class. Asmongold stated he doesn’t understand why anyone would want to sit through hours of combat and suffer, just so later the class can become half as fun as playing a sorcerer in Diablo 4. He asked why wouldn’t the game design just make the class good right from the beginning. He also read out a comment that said it can’t be expected of every class to be good from the beginning, but Asmongold said he’d expect all classes to have the same enjoyment level from the start. In a longer video on YouTube, which was made of the stream, he watched a few videos of druid builds and reacted to them.

The first two videos are showing off their druid builds as high-powered and effective, but for the most part, Asmongold just laughs it off. He points out how easily the druids are getting destroyed by enemies, and they barely make it through the fight even if they focus as much damage in the build as possible. He does, however, watch as the second build takes out three elites and admits the result there is impressive. In the last video, Raxxanterax talks about how difficult it was to level a druid in Diablo 4 as quickly as any other class, and how underpowered druids are, especially early on. Asmongold agrees with Raxxanterax completely, calling the druid class garbage.

A lot of commenters agreed with Asmongold’s opinion, but there were also some who said they had plenty of fun with their druid, even if the class is not as powerful as the others. Whether Blizzard will attempt to fix this issue before the full game comes out will be interesting to see.

Diablo 4 releases June 6 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Gamerant

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