ARC Raiders Co-Op Game Revealed for PS5 and Xbox Series X

A brand-new PvE multiplayer game by Embark Studios, ARC Raiders, is revealed at this year’s The Game Awards show.

A few years ago, a chief designer from Electronic Arts, Patrick Soderlund, left the triple-A company to form a brand-new game studio. Thanks to some backing from parent company Nexon, Embark Studios was opened. Soderlund had teased a few times that a new project was in the works, though nothing had been heard about the game until now. The studio’s first game will be an upcoming third-person PvE multiplayer sci-fi shooter known as ARC Raiders.

The first look at ARC Raiders was shown off at this year’s The Game Awards showcase, with a trailer showcasing the game’s premise and gameplay features. The main threat that the players will be facing are an invading force of mechanical aliens, known as ARC. Players take the role of human resistance fighters taking on these mechnanical menaces, with enemies increasing in strength.


These enemies start off small, with drone-like enemies that players can shoot down with various weapons, with one fighter showing off a grappling hook that can be used to bring these drones down and finish off with a stomp. The threats in ARC Raiders, however, will seem to grow in size and strength, as these enemies start scaling up and fighting back. One of these includes bigger drones that can rain fire on unsuspecting players on the battlefield, with another being a giant crab-like mecha. These bigger enemies seem like it will require the most teamwork from players in order to take them down, with the trailer asking players to enlist and assist fighting against this threat.

ARC Raiders will launch on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S in 2022.

Source: Gamerant

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