Apple’s Weather app on iPhone was down this morning

Apple’s Weather app on iPhone was down for many users on Tuesday. The issues started at around midnight ET and persisted throughout the morning in many locations. iPhone owners have reported opening the Weather app and finding no data or old cached weather information.

9to5Mac noted that while the main Weather app was broken for many, the Apple Watch version kept working fine for.

For most of this morning, Apple’s support note said that “next-hour precipitation may be unavailable for Alaska due to a data provider outage,” despite an issue that was clearly more widespread. It has since been updated to note an unspecified generally ongoing issue with some users affected starting at 11PM last night.

Eventually, the app started to refresh (some of us had to restart our iPhones or iPads before they would pull fresh weather data), and the Apple System Status page now has a note saying “Resolved Issue” as of about 1:31PM ET.

Apple’s Weather app issues come just a week after Dark Sky returned briefly. Apple acquired Dark Sky in 2020 and shut it down and moved some of its features into the Weather app. The Dark Sky app briefly returned from the dead last week before disappearing again.

When Apple’s new Weather app is working, it has some great improvements thanks to the Dark Sky integration, but many still miss the dedicated Dark Sky app. Apple has added rain alerts, but you’re not able to control whether you want alerts for light, medium, or heavy rain, which is particularly irritating in countries like England, where it rains a lot. Apple is based in California’s Silicon Valley, where it rains infrequently, so Apple’s software engineers probably forgot to migrate over that essential feature from Dark Sky.

Update 11:30AM ET: Added information about the new outage message from Apple’s system status.

Update 3:51PM ET: Noted issue is resolved, and new status message from Apple.

Source: The Verge

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