Apex Legends’ Wraith Portal Glitch Is Back

Gamers discover that a glitch in Apex Legends involving Wraith’s portal has returned, allowing players to equip weapons while still in the Void.

Believe it or not, Apex Legends turns three years old next month. While players have enjoyed many aspects of the battle royale over those years, they have dealt with many frustrating glitches and exploits along the way. One of the Legends that has suffered from a number of bugs in past seasons is Wraith.

As one of the original characters introduced when Apex Legends launched, Wraith is known for her portal that allows players to safely reposition around the map. Unfortunately, this ability has become bugged in past seasons, such as in Season 4. Back then, downed players could take the portal and walk around at normal speed after exiting. While Respawn fixed that issue, it appears that the glitch has resurfaced in a slightly different form in 2022.


Recently, players discovered that a glitch involving Wraith’s portal had returned in Season 11 of Apex Legends. In a recent YouTube video, RossBobSquirrel explained how the bug worked. According to the YouTuber, it is performed using her Ultimate, Dimensional Rift, followed by her Tactical, Into the Void. This glitch allows players to pull out their weapons while still phasing. While it appears that players cannot damage opponents in this state, they can gain an advantage by reducing the time necessary to shoot after leaving the ability. RossBobSquirrel revealed that the glitch was possible on both PC and console versions of Apex Legends.

In addition, the YouTuber broke down the steps necessary to execute the glitch in Apex Legends. According to RossBobSquirrel, players needed to start by activating their Ultimate ability. Following this, they are required to run around until approximately 5% of the portal’s length is left and then activate their Tactical. If done correctly, they will remain in the Void even after completing their portal, allowing them to pull out their weapons.

While RossBobSquirrel demonstrated how to pull off the move in-game, they cautioned others from trying it in an actual match. They noted that Respawn Entertainment had recently taken more severe action towards players using various exploits, such as punch boosting, and this Wraith glitch could result in a suspension. Furthermore, they stated that the timing for the move was challenging to execute.

This is not the only glitch players have encountered regarding Wraith’s Dimensional Rift. In addition, players have reported issues with her Ultimate disappearing when near walls at the Harvester location on World’s Edge. These bugs are obviously frustrating as they threaten to ruin the competitive integrity of the game. It will be interesting to see how Respawn Entertainment deals with these issues in the days ahead. Hopefully, the developers can fix the problems so that players can continue to play Apex Legends in the way it was intended to be played.

Apex Legends is available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Dexerto

Source: Gamerant

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