Apex Legends Releases ‘Year in Review’ Stats

Ahead of the calendar flipping over to 2022, Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment releases some ‘year in review’ 2021 statistics for the game.

Without a doubt, Apex Legends has had a big year with a lot of ups and downs. Many remember the server issues that plagued Apex Legends season 10, but the introduction of Storm Point has catapulted what fans think of maps. There have been constant calls for buffs and changes, but Wattson finally got her time in the sun. No matter what, it’s been a big year and 2022 seems set to be another good one for Apex.

Of course, when looking forward, it’s always important to look back. Respawn Entertainment has released some fun and interesting Apex Legends player statistics in the classic “year in review” approach. None of them are particularly surprising, but they are pretty cool to know.


Released across three new images on social media, the first confirms that more than 22 billion Apex Legends players have been killed. In a regular trio match, 57 players have to die for one squad to emerge victoriously, and that’s a lot of math and matches to hit 22 billion. Of those, Apex Legends draws attention to the Mozambique, which is often hailed as the most “meme-worthy” and “worst gun” in the game. There are no comparative statistics, but 446 million kills have been done with the Mozambique.

Other stats include 5.5 billion Apex Legends players revived, 16 billion ultimates used this year, 27 million Nessies placed, and 1 billion respawns. The final stat reveals there has been 175 million “Thank Yous” this year, which is nice to see given how many multiplayer games, including Apex, sometimes have toxic players who spoil and/or ruin the experience. The Year in Review stats ends with a “+1” to the “Thank You” number, from Respawn Entertainment to the Apex Legends community.

With 2021 winding down, the next big hurdle is 2022 of course. Not much is known about Apex Legends in 2022, but there are a few things on the horizon. February will mark the launch of Apex Legends season 12, while many-a-Crypto main is waiting for reworks and/or buffs similar to Wattson.

Plus, the proper PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Apex Legends are expected to drop next year. Fans can also expect new legends, new maps, and more new surprises from the proper battle royale game, once the new year really gets rolling.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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